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36: Losing Bitcoin in Your Sofa

Boy has the world changed since I was a kid. Remember finding a quarter under under the sofa cushions? We used to use physical currency a lot more back in the day. These days, my kids would need passwords to find any spare change. Let’s take cryptocurrency for example. As many of you know, one […]

35: You can do a lot of S–T in five years

Sometimes I sit around and think…what if… What if I had not gone to medical school and went to work for Goldman Sachs instead? What if I had taken some time to travel the world before I became a responsible adult? What if I had bought 1,000 bitcoin at $250? It’s really a terrible way […]

34: 80 Percent of Success In Life is Showing Up

Woody Allen once said that “80 percent of success in life is showing up.” Is that true? I think it is. What does it mean to “show up” in the broader sense? It means putting forth a little effort. It is absolutely astounding to me how many people don’t actually “show up” for life. How […]

33: Money is NOT a 4 Letter Word

Money is NOT a four letter word. Yet, many highly educated individuals treat it that way. “I’m not in it for the money.” “I don’t really care about money.” Those are the kinds of things I hear from fellow doctors all the time. The thing is, to say those things you’ve got to be doing […]

32: P/E Ratio? What’s That?

P/E Ratio? What’s that you ask? Sounds complicated right?—some kind of stock market lingo that is too hard for you to understand. Not quite. That’s what Wall Street wants you to think. After all, if everyone knew what P/E ratios were, far fewer individuals would invest in the stock market. The P/E ratio is short […]

31: Zero Gravity State

Have you ever experienced zero gravity? The closest I have ever gotten was an indoor skydiving place in Chicago called iFLY. Quite frankly, it wasn’t very comfortable. To cancel out the force of gravity downward, they shove you in a big cylinder with a huge amount of air pushing upward and the next thing you […]