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Read Transcripts from the Latest Wealth Formula Podcasts

217: Ken McElroy: What’s Happening with Multifamily Real Estate?

Buck: Welcome back to their show everyone. Today my guest on Wealth Formula Podcast is Ken McElroy. Ken’s been on before. He is Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Advisor on real estate you know and he wrote these books called the ABCs of Real Estate Investing and The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing. He’s written […]

215: Robert Kiyosaki on the Post-Pandemic Economy!

Buck: Welcome back to the show everyone my guest on Wealth Formula Podcast today needs no introduction. He’s the author of several books including the number one selling financial book of all time Rich Dad Poor Dad and of course I’m talking about Robert Kiyosaki. He’s the guy who thousands of entrepreneurs and investors in […]

Bonus Episode: Tom Wheelwright on Important New Changes in the Tax Code!

Tom: I appreciate it. Thanks Buck. Always good to be with Buck and his group so thank you all for joining us. It’s really terrific. There have been some amazing tax law changes and opportunity so just a little bit of background for those of you that don’t know me. As some of you know, […]

213: Ask Buck Part 2

Buck: Welcome back to the show everyone. Let’s get to it. First question is a written question from John Cho. John writes what is the outlook for Conservation Easements for Tax Year 2020? Okay so let’s back up a little bit. John is referring to something called a Conservation Easement. So let me explain what […]

212: Ask Buck Part 1

Buck: Welcome back to the show everyone. As you know, there is no guest today. There is only me and there is you and your questions so with that said let’s move on right away. Let’s get started and the first question is an audio question because we have both audio questions and for those […]

211: Are We Headed Towards a Depression NOW?

Buck: Welcome back everyone. Today my guest on Wealth Formula Podcast is Catherine Putney. She is from ITR Economics specializing in applied research for business cycle trend analysis, gross cycle trend analysis and implementing cyclical analysis at the practical company level. Now Catherine was on our show right before we saw Covid-19 kind of take […]