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197: Good Deals, Bad Timing, and a Retirement Account Update!

If you are part of our Wealth Formula Investor Club you know that we do a lot of multifamily real estate. In fact, 95 percent of what we do is working class, value-add multifamily real estate with the same two operators. Some of you have invested literally millions of dollars into these deals. I’ve got […]

196: Russell Gray on Life After Loss

I don’t really like basketball and have never watched a full game in my life. Despite that, I knew who Kobe Bryant was and was shocked by the news of the tragic accident that took his and his daughter’s life. His passing actually reminded me very much of Princess Diana dying in a car crash […]

195: Wealth Secret #1: Know, Like and Trust!

People send me real estate deals to look at all the time trying to get an opinion on whether or not they should invest. Usually it’s some glossy executive summary showing nice pictures and impressive proforma numbers. “What do you think?”, they ask. My answer is pretty much always the same. “I don’t know these […]

194: Hal Elrod and the Miracle Equation!

I have a question for you. Did you make any significant New Year’s resolutions or set some serious 2020 goals for yourself this year? I bet when you set those goals, you likely felt a lot of energy: “This time I’m going to do it!”. You felt like nothing was going to stop you. Now, four […]

193: The Real Investors of Wealth Formula Nation: The High Paid Doctor!

Our private group, Wealth Formula Network, has a biweekly zoom video call to discuss anything and everything about personal finance. These calls are a lot of fun for people like me who like to geek out on money stuff. If you are the only one in your social network who likes this topic, Wealth Formula […]

192: What’s Happening with Real Estate in 2020?

Happy New Year! This is my first podcast of 2020 and I’m looking forward to another great year. I don’t know about you, but I get very reflective this time of the year and it is usually pretty helpful. I have a suggestion for you. Write down where you are today and where you would […]