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141: Tokenizing Real Estate with Matthew Sullivan

Not everyone is that excited about blockchain. Especially these days as the market is about 90 percent down from its January highs. But remember, while the bubble was real, so is the technology. There is something here that will start to permeate our world—even if we have no desire to invest in cryptocurrencies. You see, […]

140: Multifamily Mastery and Infinite Returns with Janet LePage

I remember being in medical school thinking that I wanted to be a surgeon. The idea of it appealed to me very much. I certainly had the personality of a surgeon. But there was something about which I felt very insecure. You see, growing up, my dad was about as white collar as they get. […]

139: Ask Buck New Year’s Edition!

You know it’s been a hell of a year in terms of market volatility right? Now, in cryptocurrency, we expect that. It is a speculative asset class with binary outcomes. That’s why we only invest money in money that we can lose. In 2018, we definitely lost it (who knows about 2019). But the equity markets are […]

138: Ask Buck Christmas Edition

I’d like to give each and every one of my listeners a gift this year so I’m going to do that the only way I know how—to give you some unsolicited advice (not to be confused with financial advice). Take it or leave it but these concepts have served me well. So…let us begin! Invest […]

137: Wealth Formula Banking: The Things We Never Talk About

People keep asking me the same question these days—Buck, what are you investing in given the relative instability of asset prices and the economy? Now I won’t give you financial advice—that is my disclaimer. But I will tell you what I tell everyone else. In times like these, I stick mostly to multifamily real estate […]

136: How to Predict the Future with Richard Duncan

How was it that some people were able to predict the 2008 financial meltdown? Were they clairvoyant? To be clear, I’m not talking about those who predict a financial meltdown every year. I’m talking about groups like ITR economics who we had on the show a few weeks ago that also accurately predicted periods of […]