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353: Updates from the Wild West of Crypto

Digital currency is not dead. But it was wounded pretty badly over the past few months. Paradoxically, the undoing of the decentralized world happened from centralized companies and individuals like Do Kwon of Terra Luna and Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX. Ultimately, the greed of both these individuals and the flawed platforms that they ran resulted […]

352: You Can Live A LOT Longer Than You Think

What is all this wealth stuff for anyway? I have spent the last 15 years trying to accumulate wealth. It wasn’t until about two years ago that I decided to start spending it. Why? Well, there were some major changes in my life and it made me think about mortality. Don’t worry…my health is great. […]

351: Seeking Discomfort in Life and Business

If you read business or entrepreneurial books you are probably sick of people telling you that you have to take risks and get uncomfortable. I get it. But what are you doing to take risks and to get uncomfortable? After all, it’s really the only way to grow in your career or in your life. […]

350: Reagan’s Budget Director Forecasts Rocky Roads Ahead

We are in a unique period of time with the economy. We know something is going to declare itself soon enough but have no idea when or what it will look like. This time it’s not just the contrarians. Everyone is predicting some kind of trouble in the coming months ranging from a mild recession (Biden) to […]

349: The Next BIG Technology

The new year makes me think about how things keep changing so rapidly (including my age). For those of us who went to high school in the era of pay phones, it is a truly remarkable trajectory and it makes me wonder what the next few decades will unfold. There are so many technological advances […]

348: Jim Rickards: Inflation, Interest Rates and the Supply Chain

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! As we head into the last week of the year there is much to reflect upon. The last few years have been absolutely bonkers. If someone had told me in mid-2019 that a global pandemic would happen, and the world would be practically paralyzed for the next […]