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125: Wealth and the Deathbed Framework

I’ve learned a lot of stuff in my life—from the principles of neurosurgery to the intricacies of cryptocurrency. Some of this stuff is pretty complicated…at first. But, I’m going to let you in on a little secret if you don’t know it already. Just about everything that appears complex at first can be broken down […]

124: Real Estate Millions with Grant Cardone!

Leverage in the form of bank debt is a double edge sword. Obviously, consumer debt to buy things like televisions and mall junk can only be negative in the financial sense. However, using debt to buy cash flowing assets is perhaps the single most powerful weapon we can use to create wealth and the thing […]

123: Invest Like a Centimillionaire with Richard Wilson!

Man am I tired of hearing people with a lot less money than me giving financial advice. I have to actively suppress my temper when someone forwards me an article full of misinformation that someone, that is clearly clueless and NOT wealthy, wrote on a blog! There is a lot of know-it-alls in this financial […]

122: Cash Talk with the Cash Flow Ninja

A few conversations I had with investors over the last week got me thinking that we need to talk about some basics again. First of all, let’s start with why I generally prefer to own an asset (either in entirety or a fraction) as opposed to simply holding a note. What is a note or […]

121: Are We Really a Capitalist Society? A Harvard Professor Explains.

When I was in high school, I remember taking my first political science course. That was the first time I learned the political meaning of conservative or liberal. Up to this point, I had viewed those words as synonymous with Republican or Democrat. Of course that wasn’t quite the same thing. A conservative, I learned, was someone who […]

120: Prefrontal Investing with Dr. David Phelps

The prefrontal cortex is the CEO part of the brain. It is involved with personality, decision making, and moderating social behavior including impulse control and risk taking. You may not be surprised to learn, therefore, that this structure matures late in life. One study found that the prefrontal cortex may continue maturing late into your […]