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274: How to Become a Prolific Investor!

In the last few episodes of Wealth Formula Podcast, we have had some serious specialists in the area of Real Estate and Natural Resources.  These shows are important because you, as an investor, need to know what’s going on out there so you can make educated decisions about where to deploy your capital. Solid information from […]

273: The Rise of America with Marin Katusa

The real estate podcast ecosystem is full of contrarians. Somehow we got mixed up in a crowd full of Austrian economic dogmatics and we constantly hear that the sky is falling. They tell us that the Zombie Apocalypse is near and that you should load up on precious metals (because everyone knows zombies only accept […]

272: Dave Steele on Why NOW is the Time to Buy Real Estate!

We talk about a lot of concepts on Wealth Formula Podcast related to personal finance and sometimes it can be overwhelming: especially for the newbies in our community. So let me summarize the basics.  First, make sure you are protecting your family against the economic fall out of unexpected death. Estate planning, including life insurance, […]

271: Is the Government Going to Inherit Your Wealth?

Everyone loves talking about how to make money. Those who are already making money love talking about how they can pay less taxes. But you know what almost no one likes to talk about?…what happens to that amassed fortune when you die. Of course, there are some like me who are ultra paranoid about controlling […]

270: Is a Wave of Mortgage Defaults Coming?

In recent years, I have made some pretty darn good bets that have made me a lot of money. Now I know you are thinking that I am referring to my investments. And you are correct. But I am not referring to financial investments.  The investments that have made me the most money over the […]

269: Is the IRS Going to Audit You?

I remember when I got out of surgical training and started my new life as an adult (at 33 years old), I was terrified by anything related to audits or legal issues. Any time I got a letter from the IRS about anything, I broke out into cold sweats. Every time I got a letter […]