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262: Ask Buck! Q2 2021

It’s time for our next series of “Ask Buck” episodes. These shows have become extremely popular over the years and, if you are new to the Wealth Formula community, are particularly useful to “catch up” on recurring themes in our world. Tune in now for the first “Ask Buck” episode of Q2!

261: Teaching Your Kids about Money

I’m always fascinated by stories of entrepreneurs showing early signs of interest in the world of business as children. Warren Buffett was apparently inspired by a book he checked out from the Omaha library at the age of seven called: One Thousand Ways to Make $1000. He went on to pursue several childhood business ventures such […]

260: Does Crypto Have a Role in Real Estate?

In case you didn’t notice, we are in the middle of a massive cryptocurrency bull market. We haven’t been here since 2017 and who knows how long it will last. For those of you with solid positions, enjoy the run but don’t get greedy! I certainly learned my share of lessons from the last cryptocurrency […]

259: Should You Invest in Wine?

What gives something value? Gold has been considered valuable since ancient civilization. It has been used as money, as a store of value, and as jewelry. Gold is also scarce and it is not easy to mine. But…at the end of the day, gold is valuable because of a social construct that says it is […]

258: What’s Next for the US Economy? Boom or Bust?

The alternative investing podcast ecosystem is full of doom and gloom. It’s always that way. Any time we get out of a recession and the economy gets a little hot, everyone’s calling for the zombie apocalypse. They tell you to prepare for the worst because the zombies are coming. Start growing your own food and […]

257: Do You Have the Pandemic Blues?

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” -Mike Tyson Life is full of surprises…both good and bad. The last 12 months were, to say the least, unexpected. Everyone has a different story. Hundreds of thousands of people died from Covid-19 and left even more people behind to mourn their loss. Businesses […]