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370: Psychological Components to Investing and Retirement When the Economy is Screwed

Joe Biden says the economy is “strong as hell” but he’s wrong. Interest rates increasing at the steepest slope in history over the last year have caused a serious problem for the economy and hell is about to break loose. I’m not the zombie apocalypse type but I have seen some shady-looking dead people walking […]

369: Big Government Craziness in a Troubled Economy

I was a surgical resident for years. I started out as a neurosurgeon, moved over to Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery then ended up in cosmetics. During my training, it didn’t matter how much I worked. I would always get the same paycheck. I wasn’t lazy but I certainly didn’t enjoy working for what amounted […]

368: Your Bank Probably Owes You Money

When I was a kid, my dad deposited $1,000 for me and my two siblings at a local bank. I’m not exactly sure why he did that, but what I do recall is that my older siblings showed me that I could go into the bank every couple of months and ask for “interest.” I […]

367: Is Buying Gold a Good Idea or Not?

When new listeners of Wealth Formula Podcast tell me they started from the beginning to catch up, I cringe a little bit. It’s not that the original material was bad. For me, it’s just like looking at pictures of guys in the 80s with feathered hair (Think Dukes of Hazard). Or guys with perms.  At […]

366: Book Club: Die with Zero

I used to be a guy who prided myself on being a minimalist. Despite doing pretty well for myself financially, I drove the same 2007 Prius I bought the day after residency until just a couple of years ago. My clothes often didn’t fit and I never shaved. Oh yeah—I was about 25 pounds heavier […]

365: Crisis=Opportunity for Governments to Seize Control

Government is a funny thing. It is an organization that makes and enforces rules and regulations. The more rules and regulations it makes, the bigger it gets. It’s a monster. Government is also a significant employer that doesn’t seem to care much about being lean and profitable. Instead, it thrives on making itself even bigger […]