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414: The Safest Double Digit Returning Investment in History?

When I was fresh out of surgical residency and started to make some money, I started looking for advice on what to do with it.  One of the questions I had was about life insurance. I was a newlywed and had a baby on the way (now she’s in high school by the way). So, […]

413: Social Security Scams and “Retirement” Planning

Retirement means “ceasing to work”. In my case, retirement will describe me when I’ve died. I understand retiring from a particular activity. Like how I retired from the practice of surgery about eight years ago. But global retirement sounds dire. It is like admitting that you are of no real value to the world anymore. […]

412: Dual Citizenship: Plan B?

The two most powerful motivations for behavior are fear and greed. If you haven’t thought about that before paying attention to the kinds of messaging you hear especially in the alternative asset podcast ecosystem? At the risk of offending gold bugs, how many times have you heard someone who sells precious metals on a podcast […]

411: Heads I Win Tales You Lose: The U.S. Banking System

The challenge with investing is that you can do everything right and still lose. Unfortunately its supposed to be that way otherwise everyone would take the biggest bets possible all the time and always win. That’s just not reality. In good times, it is very hard to anticipate what could happen if the unexpected occurs. […]

410: Is Ray Dalio Really Who He Says He Is?

My social life sucks. I moved to Montecito in 2017 from Chicago a married man with 3 children. When we got here, I didn’t know anyone.  Luckily, I had my family and was plenty entertained by my three little girls. My now ex-wife also served as social coordinator to make sure we had things to […]

409: You Will Own Nothing and You Will Like It: Carol Roth

As you may know, I have three daughters aged 14,11 and 8. The oldest, Camilla, is now in high school. For those of you who have been listening for me for a while, yes, that was the little girl who did an introduction for episode 100. We are all getting older by the minute. Anyway, […]