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158: Tax Perspectives with Diane Gardner

In recent weeks, I have had a series of webinars for Investor Club called the Tax Day Postmortem Series. Investor Club is the Wealth Formula accredited investor email list. The webinars so far have been for strategies limited to accredited investors such as oil and gas and conservation easements. However, we will have some coming up that will be […]

157: Harvest Returns

Back in 2014, two of my medical businesses were KILLING it. I was making money hand over fist. Unfortunately, however, I made a mistake that many entrepreneurs make. Instead of taking money off the table and putting most of it into stable assets, I decided to dump the majority of it back into the business […]

156: Centimillionaire Secrets with Richard Wilson

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from investors on how to choose investments—particularly private placements that are readily available to accredited investors. First, let me be clear that there is no magic solution to getting all of your investment picks right. In fact, if you invest long enough, something will go wrong. Next, […]

155: TribeVesting

When I first described by “work” to my CPA, Tom Wheelwright, he said, “So you are an entrepreneur who just happens to be a surgeon”. I hadn’t thought about it that way, but I guess that’s what I am.  Now listen, I don’t take the label “entrepreneur” necessarily as a complement. It’s more of an […]

154: The Separation of Money from State

It’s funny how long lasting paradigms perpetuate without question for centuries without being questioned. It used to be in most places, specific religions were mandated by the government to its people and heretics were persecuted. Of course that still exists in many parts of the world but the point is that a large part of […]

153: Should You Buy an Online Business?

Sometimes in this “alternative investment” podcast world in which we live, I hear about great “investments” that are yielding 20 percent or more. On the surface, they sound great. In fact, the yield part might actually be real. However, because we are so ingrained in the “investment” world, we often fail to see an obvious distinction that […]