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258: What’s Next for the US Economy? Boom or Bust?

The alternative investing podcast ecosystem is full of doom and gloom. It’s always that way. Any time we get out of a recession and the economy gets a little hot, everyone’s calling for the zombie apocalypse. They tell you to prepare for the worst because the zombies are coming. Start growing your own food and […]

257: Do You Have the Pandemic Blues?

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” -Mike Tyson Life is full of surprises…both good and bad. The last 12 months were, to say the least, unexpected. Everyone has a different story. Hundreds of thousands of people died from Covid-19 and left even more people behind to mourn their loss. Businesses […]

256: What You MUST Know about Bitcoin!

Value is a social construct. Things have value because we, as a society, agree that they are valuable.  That is the only reason that gold has the value that it does. Yes, it has unique metallic qualities and it is scarce, but there is no intrinsic quality that gives it the value it has in […]

255: Are the 20s about to Roar?

I am not an economist but I do recognize the importance of understanding a little bit of macroeconomics to guide me as an investor. After all, financial markets don’t move in a vacuum. They are affected by all sorts of things including monetary and fiscal policy. As a reminder, monetary policy is dictated by the […]

254: What Just Happened and What Next?

Life is not long enough to take advantage of the wisdom that comes with age. It’s really kind of a cruel joke of nature if you think about it. You get smarter as the rest of your body becomes less functional and closer to death. This phenomenon really needs to be experienced in order to […]

253: ASK BUCK 3/21

It’s time for another episode of “Ask Buck”! This week, we field questions on the economy—inflation or deflation, interest rates, and cap rates. We also touch on two sides of the same concept—owning permanent life insurance either your own policy or one that you buy from someone else! Make sure you tune in!