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097: Profiting from Broadway with Erica Schwartz!

If you’re heading into a dark cave for the first time, bring someone who’s been there before. That’s sound advice–not only for exploring caves, but also for investing your money. In fact, when it comes to investing money, it would be even better if you brought a geologist with you who had previously studied that […]

096: Why Solar Might Start to Shine with Stephen Honikman

I don’t even watch the news anymore. The advent of the 24 hour news cycle combined with our reality television culture has changed what used to be “news” into entertainment. The fundamental problem with this juxtaposition of news and entertainment is that something that was supposed to be unbiased—just facts becomes something that has to […]

095: Untold Secrets of the Successful: Jorge Newberry

“Sexual transmutation is the most powerful tool in existence when it come to creation, invention, accomplishment, creativity, advancement, and achievement.” – Napolean Hill, Think and Grow Rich This is a quote from one of my favorite books. It’s in the chapter than no one talks about on sexual transmutation. If you have read the book, […]

094: The ONE thing with Jay Papasan

Are you a great multitasker?  Are you sure about that? After all, it’s impossible to think about two different things simultaneously (I am a former brain surgeon, I know). So, what does it mean to be a multitasker anyway? Well, I think most people loosely define this term as being able to get a bunch […]

093: Self Storage is Sexy and Profitable!

Funny thing happened over the last few weeks—I learned how much people love the idea of getting rich fast! I’m sort of half way joking about this but we had two funds—both Reg D 506c offerings so I’m legally clear to talk about them. Anyway, one was a highly speculative crypto fund. I emphasized several […]

092: Gold, Crypto, and AI with Kenneth Ameduri

Ray Dalio, legendary Hedge Fund Manager and over-all smart guy has been talking about the coming “financial winter” for the last few years. He’s looking at the same things we talk about on this show all the time–near zero interest rates for a decade, ballooning asset prices, quadrillion dollar derivative markets, etc. Neither Ray Dalio […]