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132: Investing in the Internet… 2.0

Remember ARPANET? There’s a good chance you don’t. It was a precursor to the internet that essentially allowed researchers to access each other’s data. It was actually a revolutionary technology that, as you know, ultimately led to the creation of something that fundamentally changed the world. With the rise of the internet and all the […]

131: Buy Notes or Invest in a Fund?

When I go back to some of my earliest interviews, I am always shocked at how my opinions have changed over just a couple of years. When I first started Wealth Formula Podcast, I was less sophisticated than I am now. I was being overly pessimistic about the economy just like other podcasts in the […]

130: Willpower Doesn’t Work with Ben Hardy

Most people aren’t trying to become ultra-wealthy. They just want to feel safe and to feel some level of freedom from the shackles of the daily grind. You see, the majority of us have one source of income and it’s usually being paid by someone else. That is not a recipe for stability. No matter […]

129: Trust Fund Rats and Behaviorceuticals

It’s very hard to become an entrepreneur without any life experience. I know it seems like that’s the way it works. After all, look at Mark Zuckerberg and the other teenage tech superstars out there who did it shortly after puberty. But in reality, most of the entrepreneurs that I know spent some time working […]

128: The Roaring 2020s and the Depression of 2030

Beware of Chicken Little. The financial podcast space is small and we often tend to start believing each other and then spreading those same opinions to our listeners as facts. General sentiment in the alternative investing communities is bearish right now. The problem is, that has been the case for the last 3-4 years. And guess […]

127: Tom Wheelwright and Tax Free Wealth 2.0

Never try to convince a fool that he’s a fool. He won’t believe you anyway. I hate to say it, but that’s why I never talk money with people unless they bring it up with me first. That’s what’s great about being a podcaster. People CHOOSE to listen to you or to be on your […]