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175: Cryptocurrency and Asymmetric Risk with Teeka Tiwari

Up to 10 percent of my liquid assets are in very risky stuff—specifically digital assets and startups.  A lot of people people think I am being irresponsible—particularly because I have a captive audience with whom I have influence. Now if I was shooting at the hip and telling you to put all your money in […]

174: How to Invest in Fine Art with Beer Money!

Last week I was in Monterrey for car week. While I still drive my Toyota Prius from 2008 that I purchased during my final surgical residency year, I have an appreciation for vintage Italian cars so I attended the annual Concorso Italiano. Those old Ferrari’s are beautiful! There was a particularly stunning silver 1973 Ferrari […]

173: What Worked During the Great Depression?

With the rocky stock market and concern for recession in the air, it is always interesting to go back and reflect on investing behaviors over time. These days, when people are frightened, they don’t invest. Instead, they keep all of their money in the bank. Why? Well, you’ve probably never witnessed a bank failure and […]

172: Ask Buck

A while back, I had a guy on the show who had created an entire business focused on the creation of new Udemy content. Udemy is an app that allows anyone to make a course and publish it for others to buy. Courses are peer reviewed so you get a pretty good idea of what […]

171: Sudden Death, Vintage Ferraris and Wealth Formula Banking!

Everything was fine until I got up from that recliner and walked down the stairs of my parents home to call it a night. Suddenly something seemed very wrong. It was like I was in a dream. I could not keep a thought and my whole body started to feel very heavy. I made it […]

170: How to Deal with Capital Gains Taxes!

Is this market hot? Are real estate and equity prices too high? Invariably you are hearing this left and right these days. In fact, I can honestly say that I have been hearing that for at least the last three or four years. My initial response to the impending zombie apocalypse was to stop deploying […]