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238: THE NEED FOR SPEED: The Western Wealth Way!

Wealth Formula does, in fact, have a mathematical formula behind it.  Wealth=Leverage(MassxVelocity) I believe the key to building your wealth is behind maximizing each one of these variables. Mass is simple. It’s how much money you invest. If you have more money to invest then you are going to create more wealth.  Leverage is critical. […]

237: Is Angel Investing Right for You?

Boring is good. Beware of shiny objects. When it comes to investing, those are the words that I generally live by. When I keep true to this wisdom, I don’t generally lose money. Now that doesn’t mean I have never lost money! Remember, before I became a boring domestic real estate guy, I was a […]

236: Will Technology Lead to Deflation? Jeff Booth

In 1798 Thomas Malthus published a theory that predicted that human population growth would eventually outpace food production and thereby push living standards backwards. He based this on a simple mathematical observation that human population was growing at an exponential rate while food production growth was linear. While Malthus’ theory was mathematically sound, it did […]

235: Cashing in with Cash Machines!

We live in interesting times: a global pandemic, a recession and a divided country heading into an election year. Anyone who says they know for sure which way the economy is headed for sure in the next six months is lying.  So, what can we do now to prepare for an uncertain future? Well, that’s […]

234: What You MUST Know about Estate Planning!

Estate planning is by far and away the most ignored topic amongst the high paid professionals with whom I talk to every day. First of all, it’s not a very sexy issue. Who likes talking about dying anyway? It’s kind of a buzz kill. But I got news for you…eventually you are going to die […]

233: Tom Wheelwright: Change Your Tax By Changing Your Facts!

It’s not what you make but what you get to keep. Think about that for a second. If you are a physician in California that makes $500K per year, do you really make $500K per year? No you don’t. With combined state and federal taxes, you make half of that. The Federal government and the State of […]