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327: Real Estate and Taxes: What You Need to Know!

You’ve probably noticed that my emails have been pretty short the last few weeks. I’ve been in Europe so I’m letting the podcast speak for themselves for the most part. This week we go back to fundamentals. There’s a reason why real estate is the foundation of the Wealth Formula personal finance ethos. There is […]

326: 200 Years of Financial Panics

When I think about all of what has happened to our economy over the past two decades, it’s quite astounding. National debt has gone up by about 5x. Interest rates hovered at nearly zero for multiple years and we went through multiple shocks to the system like the 2008 meltdown and Covid. Again—all in the […]

325: No Pain…Plenty of Gain

There is a fine line between being a “quitter“ and a pragmatic individual navigating life. Quitting has a very negative connotation in our culture. It’s un-American and is associated with weakness and lack of grit. In reality however, quitting is often the best thing you can do and the sooner that you do it the […]

324: Are We Running Out of Food?

One of the consequences of inflation is increasing wealth disparity. Think about it for a moment. CPI indices only measure a basket of goods and services. But you and I know as investors that inflation helps us out with our investment portfolios as well. Asset inflation is a real thing. If you don’t have the […]

323: Bringing Back Wonder to Your Life

When was the happiest time of your life? I mean like inner-happy type happy? For me, it was definitely as a kid. My childhood was by no means all roses, but the little things in life brought me a ton of joy. I remember riding my bike to friends’ houses and knocking on their doors […]

322: How Playing the Tax Game Can Be Profitable

There is a major distinction between economists and investors. While most economists classify themselves with schools of thought such as Keynesian or Austrian, successful investors cannot afford to do so. I just spent a significant amount of time reviewing the work of Saifedean Ammous, the author of The Bitcoin Standard which has really become the […]