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316: The War Against the Wealthy

When times get tough, it is always easier to have a scapegoat. After all, it is easier to blame an enemy than an unfortunate circumstance. The enemy can be punished and held responsible. Circumstances cannot. The most extreme example of this in modern history is the vilification of Jews during World War 2. Reparations for […]

315: The Monkey Mind

I don’t know about you but sometimes I have so many different things cycling through my brain at the same time but it’s hard to keep track of any one of them. I’m not talking about just work or personal finance related issues. I’m also talking about trying to keep my kids’ schedules straight. I’ve […]

314: Is Economics Just Common Sense?

The hardest part about understanding economics is terminology. In reality, economics really just comes down to understanding human behavior based on incentives. Let’s take for example the Cobra Effect. This is a term coined by economist Horst Siebert to describe a time in India under British rule when the local governor was trying to figure out […]

313: Is There Such Thing As Economic Truth Anymore?

As I write this email, I’m on my way to Phoenix for our biannual meetup. So…I’ll keep it short.  Coming up Covid and in the midst of a war in Europe we are experiencing unusual inflation forcing the Fed’s hand at raising interest rates.  Over the last several weeks, we have had several economists and […]

312: Should Real Estate Investors Be Worried About Inflation?

The most common question I get from investors these days is how increasing interest rates will affect the performance of our real estate holdings. There is often concern, for good reason, that as rates go up our net operating income will go down. The good news is that things aren’t that simple. Rate increases don’t […]