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336: We’ve Had High Inflation for YEARS and Didn’t Know it

I guess by now you’ve heard—we’ve got some inflation problems in the United States and globally and Central Banks are going to continue to ratchet up interest rates in attempts to reverse the tide. But wait a second. Why inflation now? Didn’t we print billions of dollars over the last 15 years or so? Why […]

335: How to Buy Expensive Toys and Profit!

Have you heard of the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement? The movement is defined by extreme frugality and extreme savings and investments in hopes of retiring early and living on small withdrawals of accumulated funds. The general rule of thumb is to live on only 30 percent of your income and invest the rest. […]

334: Cognitive Bias in Life and Investing

First of all, if you have not signed up for the next Wealth Formula Meetup, you should do so NOW. This is going to be a very cool event. We are going to do personal finance talks in the morning like we usually do with lessons on taxes, asset protection and real estate. We are also […]

333: Congressman James Bacchus on the state of Free Trade and the WTO

When I was growing up, the Republican Party stood for small government and free trade. Democrats were apparently on the other side of the table. Maybe it is an incorrect generalization, but one thing is for sure…neither party supports real free trade anymore. Why? Well, I think it stems from an overriding trend towards nationalism. […]

332: How to Use Tax Law to Benefit from the Cryptocurrency Bear market

We haven’t talked about cryptocurrency much lately. Admittedly, I am like everyone else who gets excited when the markets are going sky-high but quickly loses interest when markets are struggling. However, In times like these, regardless of asset class, it is critically important to stay rational. Let’s take bitcoin as an example. As I write […]

331: Ask Buck Summer 2022 Part 2

It’s time for another round of “Ask Buck”. This week’s episode includes questions on taxes, multifamily real estate investments and the Wealth Accelerator. Listen HERE!