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222: The Dollar Milkshake Theory with Brent Johnson

Back in the early 1990s, I was a freshman at Columbia University in New York. Frankly, I wasn’t very interested in the academic part of college at the time. I was too busy doing what a college kid might do after being dropped into Manhattan after going to private school in the midwest. In fact, […]

221: Average Sucks!

“Be careful what you wish for…lest it come true!” -Aesop’s Fables I remember back in college going to the mail center daily in hopes of finding and acceptance letter to medical school. Back then, I really romanticized the idea of being one of those heroes in a white coat. Fortunately, I got what I wanted […]

220: Crisis=Opportunity for Real Estate Entrepreneurs!

Entrepreneurs are just professional problem solvers who keep score by how much money they make. I know this because I am an entrepreneur at my very core. It’s not a choice I made, it’s the way I was born. Entrepreneurship is not usually glamorous as frequently depicted in the movies or on reality shows. Most […]

219: Macrowatch with Richard Duncan!

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. If we follow that advice, what do we do in an economic environment like today? Austrian economists would tell us to stop printing money and to keep the Fed out of the bond market. If we did that, we would go into a depression. No one denies […]

218: Resilience of Apartment Investments During the Pandemic: Dante Andrade

Robert Kiyosaki’s Real Estate Advisor, Ken McElroy, was kind enough to give his perspective on the current state of apartment investing on last week’s episode of Wealth Formula Podcast. Ken’s perspective on the state of the apartment market was pretty bleak. While there is no doubt I respect Ken’s views, I also think it is […]

217: Ken McElroy: What’s Happening with Multifamily Real Estate?

I have been on the record for a while now anticipating the “tsunami following the earthquake.” In other words, COVID-19 was a destructive economic force but the aftermath may be even worse. The theory is based on historical observations of how these things tend to play out. The problem and potential flaw in the rationale, […]