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164: Should You Invest in Marijuana?

Last week, I got a few emails wondering why I was sending out “scammy” emails from my friend Teeka Tiwari about investing in pot. Actually, I totally understand. If you don’t know Teeka, those emails might sound a little bit like snake oil advertisements. As you know, I pride myself on not being a platform for […]

163: When Bad Debt Happens to Good People with Jorge Newbery

Debt is like a lethal weapon. It can be used for good and it can be used for greed. It can be used to create wealth and it can be used to destroy it. In short, debt is nothing more than a tool. The problem is that a fool with a tool is still a […]

162: Are We Seeing the Extinction of Fossil Fuels?

These days you hear a lot of people use the word “sustainable”. It’s actually one of those words that I don’t really understand very well. I guess by definition, it means something that you can keep on doing in perpetuity—something you can recycle and use over and over again. In that regard, the kind of […]

161: Opportunity Zones: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We’ve had a number of webinars and podcasts related to tax mitigation over the last several weeks. Unless you are new to the Wealth Formula ecosystem, you know that when we think about investing, we think not only about how much we are going to make, but also what we are going to keep. For […]

160: Bull Markets in the Least Ugly Economy in the World!

I am a lousy trader. I’ve said it before and I fully recognize this fact. That’s why, I try very hard to stay focussed on investing rather than trading. Nevertheless, I still get trapped in behaviors that I invariably regret. For example, you may know that I am a believer in bitcoin. I truly believe […]


You might remember me talking about a part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex (remember I spent some time in the brain surgery business). The prefrontal cortex is the CEO of the brain. It’s the part that’s really good about making good decisions. For example, if you see a teenager doing something very dangerous […]