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180: Is Venture Capital Right for You?

I’m a doctor, but Wealth Formula is not a doctor podcast. Sure, probably 30-40 percent of my Accredited Investor Club is made up of physicians and dentists, but that just happens to be the byproduct of my own professional past. People with common background tend to flock together I guess. That’s fine with me. I […]

179: Buy, Borrow and Die: Bitcoin Style

I am in a financial position that may seem somewhat unusual to you. You see, the IRS rewards me for my real estate investments by taxing me less. If, on the other hand, I keep my income in the bank, or invest it in traditional equities or bonds, the IRS shows me no mercy! Admittedly […]

178: Fixed Income for Dummies!

Have you heard of the 4 percent rule? I’m guessing you have as it seems to be some magical number espoused by traditional financial advisors and bloggers alike. The idea is that you should safely be able to withdraw 4 percent of your portfolio to live on for retirement. Theoretically the 4 percent is based […]

177: Agricultural Investing in Paraguay?

I am a simple guy. When I bowl, I throw the ball right down the middle of the lane. I couldn’t put any spin on it if I tried. My thinking is equally simple. In order for me to understand things, I have to break them down into smaller, easier to digest bites or I […]

176: Should You Invest in Multifamily Real Estate NOW?

There is clearly fear in the heart of investors in the equity markets and real estate alike as talk of trade wars and recessions abound. Meanwhile, I’m investing more in multifamily real estate this year than I ever have. In fact, I’m investing my 80 year old dad’s money in the same offerings—the opportunities everyone […]

175: Cryptocurrency and Asymmetric Risk with Teeka Tiwari

Up to 10 percent of my liquid assets are in very risky stuff—specifically digital assets and startups.  A lot of people people think I am being irresponsible—particularly because I have a captive audience with whom I have influence. Now if I was shooting at the hip and telling you to put all your money in […]