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155: TribeVesting

When I first described by “work” to my CPA, Tom Wheelwright, he said, “So you are an entrepreneur who just happens to be a surgeon”. I hadn’t thought about it that way, but I guess that’s what I am.  Now listen, I don’t take the label “entrepreneur” necessarily as a complement. It’s more of an […]

154: The Separation of Money from State

It’s funny how long lasting paradigms perpetuate without question for centuries without being questioned. It used to be in most places, specific religions were mandated by the government to its people and heretics were persecuted. Of course that still exists in many parts of the world but the point is that a large part of […]

153: Should You Buy an Online Business?

Sometimes in this “alternative investment” podcast world in which we live, I hear about great “investments” that are yielding 20 percent or more. On the surface, they sound great. In fact, the yield part might actually be real. However, because we are so ingrained in the “investment” world, we often fail to see an obvious distinction that […]

152: History of Money, Gold and Crypto

I was just interviewed on a podcast earlier today and we got on the topic of gold. You know that I’m not a huge advocate for precious metals right now. Anyway, the argument became a little familiar. Ie. The global economy is going to melt down, there will be a zombie apocalypse and the the […]

151: How to 1031 into a PASSIVE Asset

You may know that by the end of last tax year, I sold most of the real estate that I held by myself—as owner and operator? Why? Well, first of all, I realized that to do real estate right, it really is not ever TRULY passive unless you have a full time operator doing all […]

150: How to Invest in Pain

Remember when you were a kid and you would go to the doctor? Your parents revered your doctor. The held him in high esteem. They trusted him. They would never say things like, “He’s just doing that test so he can make some extra money” or “He’s getting kickbacks from the drug company”. These are […]