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245: Back to Basics: Where to Start with Your Financial Plan!

When I just finished surgical residency, I took a job with a cosmetic surgery company for a few months before realizing that I was not employee material. It was a hodgepodge group of surgeons there. Some of us were younger guys who recently finished training and were looking for experience. There were also a couple […]

244: Ask Buck Q4 2020 Part 4!

We are finishing the year off with one final episode of “Ask Buck”. This episode has a wide variety of questions with issues ranging from cryptocurrency to child-rearing. Make sure to listen! P.S. Thank God 2020 is coming to an end!

243: Ask Buck Q4 2020 Part 3!

Lots more questions to answer on this Christmas week episode of “Ask Buck”! We talk about real estate markets, equity vs debt in your home and lots more. In the holiday spirit, I even asked a couple of our Wealth Formula Network members to join! Lot’s of fun as usual. Enjoy the episode!

242: Ask Buck Q4 2020 Part 2!

It’s time for another round of “Ask Buck”. This week’s episode includes questions on Wealth Formula Banking, cryptocurrency, gold and real estate markets. Listen HERE!

241: Ask Buck Q4 2020 Part 1!

It’s time for our next series of “Ask Buck” episodes. It used to be that we just did one of these every few months. But now we get so many questions that it has become a quarterly series! While all of our shows are educational in nature, the nice thing about the “Ask Buck” shows […]

240: A Million Dollars a Month with Rod Khleif!

What if you were in a 747 jet airplane traveling 500 miles per hour. You could get to where you want to be pretty quickly. But what if you didn’t know where you wanted to end up? Well, then it wouldn’t do you much good to move at 500 miles per hour. In fact, depending […]