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267: URGENT: Tom Wheelwright Discusses New Tax Legislation!

The US tax code is thousands of pages long. What could it possibly have to say for that many pages? Well, as it turns out, only a very small fraction of the pages are devoted to how much you are taxed. The majority of the tax code provides for ways you can potentially pay less […]

266: Ask Buck! Q2 2021 Part 3

Lots more questions to answer on this week’s “Ask Buck”! This episode includes questions on life settlements, Wealth Formula Banking, passive income, asset protection, and more. Listen HERE!

265: Ask Buck & Ian!

This week’s episode features a discussion with Ian Kurth—radiologist and highly sophisticated investor. Ian is a member of Wealth Formula Network and one of its major assets.    He is doing exactly what, in my opinion, every high-paid professional ought to be doing. He has really transformed himself into a sophisticated investor and thought leader on […]

264: Ask Buck! Q2 2021 Part 2

It’s time for another round of “Ask Buck”. This week’s episode includes questions on Wealth Formula Banking, cryptocurrency, taxes and multifamily real estate investments. Listen HERE!

263: Is Hedera the Best Long-term Alt Coin Investment Today?

If you have been ignoring distributed ledger technology, you will regret it if you don’t start paying attention. I understand why people get suspicious of the space. The cryptocurrency ecosystem is full of scammers and hype. Talk of “lambos” and “mooning” can hardly be taken seriously by sophisticated investors. But amidst the din, lies technology […]

262: Ask Buck! Q2 2021

It’s time for our next series of “Ask Buck” episodes. These shows have become extremely popular over the years and, if you are new to the Wealth Formula community, are particularly useful to “catch up” on recurring themes in our world. Tune in now for the first “Ask Buck” episode of Q2!