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186: High Yield and Liquidity with Notes!

With the recent boom of real estate crowdfunding platforms, I often get this question, “What do you think of the (fill in catchy name) platform? What platforms do you like?” The problem with this question is that it’s really not asking the right question. I am a real estate investor. When I invest in real […]

185: Zero Hour and the Demographic Cliff!

In college, my two favorite courses were biochemistry and organic chemistry. The logic was very soothing to me. In high school, the only thing that gave me that sense of logically progressing to an answer was mathematics—especially geometry proofs. In other words, I like concrete answers and am not as comfortable leaving arguments unsettled. Like […]

184: Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage?

A simple question can have so much complexity around it. Here’s one I get all the time: “Should I pay off my house?”. Conventional wisdom says this is a no brainer. Look at all the financial gurus out there like Dave Ramsey and Suzi Orman—they all think you ought to be paying off your mortgage. […]

Bonus Episode: Cost Segregation and Bonus Depreciation!

With the end up the year coming up, my mind is focused on what I can do to mitigate my tax burden.  We’ve done multiple investor club webinars on different strategies already this year within investor club. However, my favorite strategy to minimize my tax liability is to maximize depreciation. As it turns out, I have […]

183: Investing in Collectible Cars!

By now, you know my paradox. The more I invest in real estate, the less I pay in taxes because of my real estate professional designation. It could be worse. I could not have the designation and not be able to apply passive losses to all sources of my income! It’s a good problem to […]

182: Charitable Giving for Profit and Gain!

If you read the title of this email and felt a little weird about it, I think that’s pretty normal. It was intended to get a reaction out of everyone. For those who believe in giving for the purpose of being a good person, it might disgust you to think of adulterating your good deeds. […]