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212: Ask Buck Part 1

Ever since this COVID-19 thing started, it seems like there is no other news. Maybe what that tells us is that most of the news we ordinarily get on a daily basis is worthless.  But seriously, doesn’t it seem like the world has just frozen into a COVID-19 coma? My ER doc friends joke that […]

211: Are We Headed Towards a Depression NOW?

“It’s hard to make predictions—especially about the future.” That’s one of my favorite Yogi Berra quotes. It’s funny but also incredibly true. Think about what is happening now with COVID-19. Social scientists make predictions based on assumptions. The epidemiologists are making projections on the spread of the virus even though they have no significant knowledge […]

210: Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful: Oil and Gas

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful,” said a wise sage from Omaha. We’ve heard these words from Warren Buffett for years. On the surface, the advice seems pretty obvious in the investing sense right? After all, when a sector gets obliterated it will either disappear entirely or it will […]

209: 4 Doctors, a Virus, and a Battered Economy: Part 2

Last episode we talked about the realities of COVID-19—what it is, what makes it so challenging and how dangerous it really is. We also talked about potential medical treatments. In this episode, we go into vaccinations and economic impacts of COVID-19. Listen to Part 1 here: Shownotes: The path to the new normal The […]

208: 4 Doctors, a Virus, and a Battered Economy: Part 1

What a strange time we live in where even public health issues are politicized. The wingnuts on the right want to downplay a virus that has already taken the lives of more people than the Vietnam war. The wingnuts on the left want to demonize anyone who even suggests an alternative approach to dealing with […]

207: Non-Performing Notes in a Non-Performing Economy with Jorge Newbery

What are notes? Well, for simplicity, let’s call them mortgages. You owe the lender money when you take out a mortgage. However, that lender can sell that mortgage to someone else. That’s what it means to buy or sell a note. Notes can be performing or non-performing. Non-performing notes are simply those that have had […]