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255: Are the 20s about to Roar?

I am not an economist but I do recognize the importance of understanding a little bit of macroeconomics to guide me as an investor. After all, financial markets don’t move in a vacuum. They are affected by all sorts of things including monetary and fiscal policy. As a reminder, monetary policy is dictated by the […]

254: What Just Happened and What Next?

Life is not long enough to take advantage of the wisdom that comes with age. It’s really kind of a cruel joke of nature if you think about it. You get smarter as the rest of your body becomes less functional and closer to death. This phenomenon really needs to be experienced in order to […]

253: ASK BUCK 3/21

It’s time for another episode of “Ask Buck”! This week, we field questions on the economy—inflation or deflation, interest rates, and cap rates. We also touch on two sides of the same concept—owning permanent life insurance either your own policy or one that you buy from someone else! Make sure you tune in!

252: What is the Best Risk-Adjusted Investment Today?

Investing is hard. It’s hard because you have to know what you are doing. But it’s also hard because you have to be tough psychologically and sometimes do things that seem counterintuitive to your own emotions. Believe me, I’m not immune to psychological miscues. At one point, I owned about 100 bitcoin. But, during crypto winter, […]

251: Should You Acquire a Business?

A few weeks ago I had my CPA, Tom Wheelwright, on the show to discuss what’s going to happen with taxes in the next year or two under the new administration. Of course, the news was generally bad for high-income earners. Taxes will invariably go up. The idea is that the rich can afford it […]

250: Infinite Fleet! An Asymmetric Risk Play?

Nassim Taleb, author of the Black Swan, extrapolates his theories on unpredictable events by suggesting that perhaps the ideal way to allocate your capital is by focusing on the extremes. He says that perhaps the ideal portfolio is one where there is extreme safety on the one hand—US Treasuries for example—and extreme risk and upside […]