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278: Asset Protection: Everything You Need to Know!

Once you realize how much you don’t know, you always feel like you’re playing catch up. At least that’s how I feel when it comes to personal finance. Wealthy families often implement family offices to help keep things straight. Theoretically, that’s a great solution. However, from what I’ve seen, family office structures often leave clients […]

277: Investor Roundtable on Wealth Formula Banking

Over the last three weeks, you have heard actual members of our Wealth Formula Community talk about their financial journeys. A recurrent theme through these interviews was the concept of Wealth Formula Banking. In case you didn’t notice, all three of these individual investors are essentially using Wealth Formula Banking as the cornerstone of their […]

276: The Purple Pill

In June of 2008, I had just completed my surgical residency and gotten married the day after graduation. There was already quite a bit of change in my life. On the way back from my honeymoon, I looked for something to read at the Puerto Vallarta airport—not many choices as you can imagine. Most people […]

275: What’s a Left Field Investor?

“Coming out of left field” is a slang derived from baseball which basically references something unexpected. What does that equate to in personal finance? Well, the opposite of something unexpected would be something expected or… conventional. Conventional financial wisdom includes stocks, bonds, and mutual funds as the foundation of a solid, responsible portfolio. Conventional finance […]

274: How to Become a Prolific Investor!

In the last few episodes of Wealth Formula Podcast, we have had some serious specialists in the area of Real Estate and Natural Resources.  These shows are important because you, as an investor, need to know what’s going on out there so you can make educated decisions about where to deploy your capital. Solid information from […]

273: The Rise of America with Marin Katusa

The real estate podcast ecosystem is full of contrarians. Somehow we got mixed up in a crowd full of Austrian economic dogmatics and we constantly hear that the sky is falling. They tell us that the Zombie Apocalypse is near and that you should load up on precious metals (because everyone knows zombies only accept […]