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Bonus Episode: Cost Segregation and Bonus Depreciation!

With the end up the year coming up, my mind is focused on what I can do to mitigate my tax burden.  We’ve done multiple investor club webinars on different strategies already this year within investor club. However, my favorite strategy to minimize my tax liability is to maximize depreciation. As it turns out, I have […]

183: Investing in Collectible Cars!

By now, you know my paradox. The more I invest in real estate, the less I pay in taxes because of my real estate professional designation. It could be worse. I could not have the designation and not be able to apply passive losses to all sources of my income! It’s a good problem to […]

182: Charitable Giving for Profit and Gain!

If you read the title of this email and felt a little weird about it, I think that’s pretty normal. It was intended to get a reaction out of everyone. For those who believe in giving for the purpose of being a good person, it might disgust you to think of adulterating your good deeds. […]

181: Changing Your Wealth Mindset with David Phelps

Where are you today? Where do you want to be? Based on what you are doing right now, is there any chance that you are going to get there? Those are questions that I ask myself frequently—especially when I feel like I’m in a rut. Why is it important? Well, for those of us who […]

180: Is Venture Capital Right for You?

I’m a doctor, but Wealth Formula is not a doctor podcast. Sure, probably 30-40 percent of my Accredited Investor Club is made up of physicians and dentists, but that just happens to be the byproduct of my own professional past. People with common background tend to flock together I guess. That’s fine with me. I […]

179: Buy, Borrow and Die: Bitcoin Style

I am in a financial position that may seem somewhat unusual to you. You see, the IRS rewards me for my real estate investments by taxing me less. If, on the other hand, I keep my income in the bank, or invest it in traditional equities or bonds, the IRS shows me no mercy! Admittedly […]