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American Homeowner Preservation Webinar

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Why would you NOT invest in this fund?

Do you like the idea of 12 percent cash on cash paid out monthly?

Do you like the idea of liquidity in your investments? How about getting your money back within 30 days if you need it?

Is the minimum investment of $100 something you can afford? My eight year old daughter just said yes (birthday savings)!

Do you like the idea of making money AND helping people NOT get evicted from their homes at the same time?

I answered yes to all of these questions so I decided to invest. I’m in for between 200k-400K on this fund.

Watch this webinar replay and you will see why:


By the way, I’m making my investment from my Wealth Formula Banking account (see WealthFormulaBanking.com if you’re curious).

This allows me to invest my money in two places at the same time and get WAY more than 12 percent overall.

For those of you who already have an account…not a bad option at all!