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023: Use your IRA to invest in real estate and other real stuff

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I have been talking to many high paid professionals like you lately who have found some inspiration from the guests that I have had on the show. Whenever I get a chance to ask people what kinds of things they want to invest in, they rattle off a lot of great stuff like real estate, mortgage notes, and even gold. Virtually everyone, including me, wishes they had all the money in the world to buy things and invest with others. It’s stuff that actually has a good chance of making money and well…it’s kind of fun isn’t it?

In many of the conversations I’ve had, the idea of using retirement funds to invest in some of these real assets has come up. What I realized is that most of you don’t know that you’re retirement account does not have to be limited to the garbage your wealth advisor recommends…namely stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. I spent all of my last podcast episode trashing these volatile and nonsensical derivatives so I won’t do it again. But what really gets me irritated is the fact that Wall Street is behind most people’s ignorance. You see, they don’t want you to know that you can buy things like real estate and gold with your retirement funds. Why would they? Wall street is not there to make you money, they are there to take your money through huge commissions and fees and if you started investing in real assets instead of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, they wouldn’t get to take advantage of you.

In fact, if you have a wealth advisor, ask him or her if you can invest in real estate with your retirement funds. I guarantee many of you will, in response, get a blank stare or your advisor will simply say no. In rare instances, you might hear your advisor refer to this as alternative investments. Alternative investments??? Gold has had value for thousands of years. What’s alternative about that?

Wall Street will make you think it is difficult and risky to self direct your retirement funds but it’s neither in my opinion. In fact, today’s guest on Wealth Formula Podcast will tell you exactly how you can do it!