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026: Attention: This show will make you money!

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I am not your typical physician if you have not figured that out. I am more of a “raging entrepreneur”. That doesn’t mean I’ve had only success. In fact, without question, I’ve failed lots of times but the difference between most people and me is that I keep trying until something sticks. I’ve used this same approach in brick and mortar multimillion dollar business enterprises, real estate, and…internet marketing.

A few years back, I got really into this idea of making money on the internet. I loved the idea that I could literally create a business on line that could make money with virtually no over head or even capital expense. Not a bad business model, right? So, I started teaching myself all sorts of different internet business models such as affiliate marketing off blogs, google adsense, etc. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s ok. After all, neither did I. Furthermore, I made virtually no money doing most of this.

But… then I learned about self publishing ebooks on amazon and believe it or not, I started making $500-$700/month with random cook books etc that I didn’t even write myself! The best part…it was REALLY EASY.

Now, I know that many of my listeners are very interesting people with a lot of specialized knowledge to share with others and, in the process, create an additional source of income and/or a source for new clients. That’s why you will not want to miss this week’s episode of Wealth Formula Podcast which features an interview with ebook guru, Jim Kukral, You won’t want to miss this.