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030: Buying Turnkey Rental Houses in Alabama!

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Real asset investing is not limited to the rich. In fact, if you look at the crowdfunding movement on the internet, you can now invest in just about anything you want. Crowdfunding laws in recent years were intended to rectify the “unfair advantage” that the more affluent had to investments with greater profit potential.

But… don’t forget, the opportunities to invest in real assets were there even before the crowdfunding frenzy. Anyone who could afford it could buy themselves a house and rent it out. As you know, residential real estate is my favorite investing asset class. The problem most people have with this idea is that they do not want to be landlords. Sure that rental house might be a great investment and a good source of cashflow but who wants to worry about tenants, toilets, and termites? Certainly not me…in fact, that’s one of the reasons I chose apartment buildings instead. I felt it was easier to get management for larger assets. In most cases, I still believe that to be true.

However, I’ve been talking to more and more investors who have turned to “turn-key” models for investing in single family homes and have had great success with this model. Most of them claim they are getting double digit returns. The idea is that the company not only provides you with deal flow, but it also helps you through the acquisition process with contracts and due diligence and then hooks you up with a quality property manger.

I have no experience with this model myself but wanted to learn more so I contacted my trusted friend and fellow podcaster, Lane Kawaoka of Simple Passive Cashflow. Lane has sort of become the turn-key guy. Anyway, turns out that Lane liked the model so much he got involved in the business himself with a guy named Jonathan Mednick who he bought a bunch houses from down South.

In this episode of Wealth Formula Podcast, you’re going to hear from both of them and you and I are going to learn together! Hope you enjoy the show.