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032 : Cash Flow vs Capital Gains with the White Coat Investor

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As you know, I am pretty passionate about entrepreneurship and investing. Specifically, I tend to be dogmatic on investing in real assets. Am I right? I don’t know. Obviously I think so.

That said, there are plenty of rational, smart human beings that are investing in a more traditional fashion. Are they wrong? Obviously I think so. But…that’s me basing my own opinion after thoroughly educating myself.

Whatever you decide is your personal investment philosophy, it is critical for you to understand what the other side is thinking. You never learn anything if you only listen to people with whom you agree.

That’s why I wanted to talk to Dr. Jim Dahle, he is a practicing board certified emergency medicine doctor and the editor of whitecoatinvestor.com which is a very popular financial blog focused on financial education for physicians. In essence, he is doing what I am doing, specifically for doctors. That said, there are two major differences. My show focuses on all high paid professionals and entrepreneurs, not just doctors. The other, more pronounced difference, is that his views of investing are more traditional than mine. As you all know by now, I am a hard asset investor and I personally refer to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds collectively as “garbage.” That, by no means, is an attack on Jim. He and I just don’t see things the same way.

In fact, Jim offers a great deal of financial education on his site that is really worth checking out and are certainly in “neutral territory”. You can’t have too much financial education. You, personally, need to figure out what you believe in and take action. Both Jim and I strongly believe that financial education and investing is critical to your future.

I have a great deal of respect for Jim and what he is doing. His mission is a noble one…to help the over-educated but financially ignorant. That’s something I would like to do as well. So…in the spirit of presenting both sides of the coin, this podcast has 2 parts. First, I interview Jim, and then you will hear me get interviewed by Pete Mathew of The Meaningful Money Podcast.

I hope you enjoy it!