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061: Investment Secrets of the Ultra Rich with Richard Wilson

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The other day, I was speaking with a member of investor club and he said that it was very hard for him to look around and see funds (like AHP) that were offering double digit returns and take them seriously.

He was comparing them to the low single digits of dividends in the equity markets. If double digits were available to people outside of the markets, why in the world would people buy bonds, he wondered.

I actually hear this more often then you might think. Why? Because we have been brainwashed by Wall Street! They want you to think that getting returns higher than 4-5 percent is associated with only HIGH RISK INVESTMENTS.

I know fund managers that could and would pay out double digits to their investors but don’t because they do not want their funds to be perceived as “too risky”!

Folks–you are getting ripped off and you need to wake up. How do I know that you can make high returns with low risk? I OWN ZERO STOCKS, BONDS, AND MUTUAL FUNDS and I’m doing pretty well!

But don’t listen to me. Listen to Richard Wilson on this week’s Wealth Formula Podcast. Richard is the founder of Family Office Club and works with $100 million plus net worth families.

When you listen to what he has to say, compare it to my message and come to your own conclusion.