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064: The Step After Wealthy with Dean Graziosi

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As many you know, I will be leaving Chicago in August to move to Santa Barbara, CA. For the last 5 years, my family and I have gone to the same beach house every August. It always ends up being the best couple of weeks of the year.

So last year in August, I did a podcast from that beach called, “What is your dream and WHY aren’t you living it???” It was episode 14. I was in an aspirational mood.

We were having a great time again. My little girls were playing on the beach and we were eating great Mexican food every night and falling asleep to the sound of the Pacific Ocean.

At one point on that trip, I told my wife it was time–time to stop making this a vacation that we looked forward to every year and to make it our life. She asked me, “Can we really do that?” and I said, “Of course we can. We can do anything we want to do.”

Of course, what she meant was–could we do it financially? After all, all of my businesses were in Chicago for the most part and I still went into the office at least 2-3 times per week. It was a very logical question.

But–in typical Buck form, I just made the decision and decided to worry about the details later.

Now, that may sound a little crazy to many of you–maybe even down-right irresponsible right? How can you just make a decision to move before having a clear plan on how to get there?

Well, I would actually argue that the way I went about things was the right way to do it. If you decide to go somewhere on vacation, what do you do first? Do you first figure out where you want to end up or do you start the process by looking for airline tickets?

Obviously you’ve got to know where you want to go before you figure out how you are going to get there.

Similarly, I just decided that we were going to move and I had a year to figure out how to make it happen.

The podcast I did was mid-August last year and we will be moving almost exactly one year to the date.

You see, most of the limitations we see in our lives aren’t real. We make them up for ourselves and then we believe them.

It’s a terrible problem that most people have to some degree. The problem is that, if not recognized, these artificial limitations can keep us from meeting our potential or simply being happy.

There is no one who knows this better than, this week’s guest on Wealth Formula Podcast, Dean Graziosi. He is truly a rags to riches story and he is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. DO NOT miss this episode!