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067: Estate and Asset Planning ESSENTIALS with Kevin Day

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Several weeks ago, I sent out a “Weekly Wealth Widget” about BASIC estate planning–the stuff you absolutely have to have to protect your family in case you die.

I was amazed at the high percentage of people who did not already have this information. That’s downright scary.

Listen–no one likes to think about dying much less planning out what happens when you die. Hopefully you live to be 120 but what if you don’t? Do you have young children? What would happen to them without you or without your spouse?

Before wealth comes safety and security. Safety and security should be planned with not only the here and now in mind, but also with careful consideration of the worst case scenario.

This week’s guest on Wealth Formula Podcast is one of our country’s foremost experts in both estate planning and asset protection: Kevin Day.

So, unless you are 100 percent sure you and your family are covered, DO NOT MISS this show!