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070: Real Estate Investing with Russell Gray!

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I have said on a number of occasions that Wealth Formula Podcast is NOT a Real Estate Show. So why do we talk so much about real estate?

Well, for people who want to grow their wealth, there simply is no other asset class with a better track record and more upside than real estate.

The Wealth Formula Principles for Wealth Creation are:

  1. Invest in tangible things, not paper.
  2. Invest in cash flowing assets preferentially.<
  3. Invest in things you can understand. Complexity is a tool used by Wall Street to siphon away your profits.
  4. Utilize the concepts of velocity (ie. Re-invest quickly) and leverage to increase and amplify your returns.
  5. Invest in financial education.

If you are reading this, you are already working on principle #5. You can easily put in to play principles #1-4 by investing in real estate.

On the other hand, if you are investing in gold, it is hard to cash flow and it is hard to use leverage.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in anything that does not follow these five principles. As long as you know the rules, by all means, break them.

I break them all the time. I own gold. I own life settlements. There’s a reason for them all. But the majority of my investments outside of my businesses are in real estate.

And, if you want my opinion, that’s what anyone wanting to build wealth over time should have as their PRIMARY investment focus.

Of course, it is very important to learn about real estate if you are going to use it as a primary investment vehicle and we certainly talk about it on this show.

That said, who better to learn more from about real estate, than the Real Estate Guys themselves!

Of course the Real Estate Guys are also known as Robert Helms and Russell Gray—a couple of good friends of mine. Robert was on the show a while back ago talking about a luxury resort in Ambergris Caye, Belize that many of you, through investor club, know about and may even be invested in already.

Russ is the other half of that dynamic duo and is our guest on Wealth Formula Podcast this week. Make sure you tune in to learn why Russ thinks you should be investing in real estate now!