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080: Ask Buck

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Being a podcaster is kind of unusual. Last month I had over 30K downloads (not bad) yet I only speak to a fraction of you through investor club.

Even fewer of you know each other despite the fact that you have a lot in common.

The good news is that I will be launching a course in the first quarter of next year that you are going to love and it will also include an opportunity to join the Wealth Formula Network–my new online community.

That’s where I am planning to spend a lot more of my time and to be accessible to my listeners via Facebook live and other digital hangouts.

In the meantime, I want to make sure I continue to involve myself in this community as much as possible. One way for me to do that is by answering your questions.

In recent months I have done that mostly through direct emails or via the Weekly Wealth Widget. This week I’m going to do it with an episode of “Ask Buck”.

Make sure you keep sending those questions and comments in–that’s what it’s all about on my end.

Hope you enjoy the show!