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107: Cash Flowing with Stocks with Andy Tanner

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Some times when I go back and listen to my podcasts from when I first started this show, I think to myself, “This guy is clueless.”

Of course I wasn’t clueless. I still knew more than most about investing but man have I evolved. 

The key to that evolution has been my ability to not be dogmatic about anything. 

That’s tough—especially in the investing world. The paper people think that real estate investors got it all wrong and real estate investors think paper is for idiots.

I used to believe that permanent life insurance was one of the worst investments you can make. Why?…because some other doctors told me that. 

And while the policies they were looking at were likely not good investments, I had no idea that products and strategies like Wealth Formula Banking™ or Velocity Plus™ existed until I got to know some people who had a lot more money than those doctors.

Never take financial advice from people who make less money than you do!

People have a nasty habit of picking “camps” and defending them even if it is not in their best interest to do so.

Just look at modern politics. I am a libertarian who believes in small government and lower taxes for small business. Therefore, I tend to vote conservative (although I have my limits when it comes to character). 

On the other hand, why are people in the working class voting for conservative candidates against their own economic interests? 

It’s not smart to be close minded and argue against things you don’t understand. At least try to understand them first!

That’s why I asked this week’s guest on Wealth Formula Podcast, Andy Tanner to be on the show. Andy is one of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Advisors and happens to be an expert on investing in paper assets. 

It sounds almost paradoxical to use the name “Kiyosaki” and paper assets on the same page without some sort of expletive doesn’t it?

Well, if you listen to this podcast, it will make sense why Andy is a Rich Dad advisor. He may be an equity market guy, but he’s all about cash flow.

You’re going to love this show and, if you already have money in the stock market, this show is mandatory listening.

Check it out!

With a long time passion for Teaching, Investing, Entrepreneurship, and Self Development, Andy has devoted his career to training and inspiring motivated people all over the world.

Andy’s passion for helping investors and entrepreneurs shows through in everything he does: The Cash Flow Academy Show podcast, regular investing update videos and commentary, interviews with top experts, and focused training programs. The goal with The Cash Flow Academy is to make everything fun, simple, and real.

Cash Covered Puts Explained by Andy Tanner


[00:07] Intro

[08:45] Andy Tanner’s story

[11:42] 401Kaos

[17:37] How does wall street mess with your retirement funds

[26:58] Andy’s approach to the stock market

[39:39] What is a good percentage of yield

[44:25] Learn more about Andy

[49:40] Outro