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433: News of the Week 05/29/24

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The upcoming wealth transfer from Baby Boomers to younger generations is a significant and unprecedented event in history, often referred to as the “Great Wealth Transfer.” Research indicates that about half of this $100 trillion transfer will go to Gen X, with the other half going to Millennials and Gen Z.

This generational shift is interesting, as Gen X has been described as less altruistic, preferring to retain wealth for themselves, compared to the younger generations’ greater focus on social equity and environmental sustainability. It will be intriguing to see how this “impact” orientation evolves as Millennials and Gen Z age.

For those listeners who will be on the receiving end of this wealth transfer over the next decade or two, it’s important to have the proper structures in place to ensure a smooth and tax-efficient transfer to your heirs. This is something that can and should be addressed now.

Considering this upcoming wealth transfer also leads to some additional implications from an investment perspective. Baby Boomers’ portfolios tended to be heavily weighted in stocks, bonds, and real estate. However, surveys show Millennials and Gen Z investors are much more open to alternative assets, such as real estate, private equity, venture capital, crypto, and other investments.

This shift aligns with the younger generations’ higher focus on sustainable investing, which accounted for 73% of their portfolios compared to only 26% for the general population. While there has been some recent backlash on sustainable investing, this trend could see a resurgence as the wealth transfer occurs.

Interestingly, real estate seems to be a consistent favorite across all generations.

Turning to the current market environment, equity markets remain near all-time highs, bond prices are generally steady, and safe-haven assets like gold and bitcoin are also elevated. The market expects the Federal Reserve’s preferred inflation metric, Core PCE, to show further cooling when the latest data is released this Thursday.