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Episode 300! ASK BUCK!

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This week’s show marks the 300th episode of the Wealth Formula Podcast. That means about six years’ worth of shows. Wow! How did that happen?

What started out as a little time to speak to myself (I had no listeners) has become a show with well over a million downloads and an extraordinary community.

When I reflect over the last six years, I’m really encouraged. I see the incredible progress that I have made professionally within the financial space and I see how much smarter I have gotten.

I am even more impressed with how powerful this brand has become and the community that we have built together. It’s really amazing. I’m so excited about the years to come. Thank you for being a part of Wealth Formula Nation!

So, in honor of the 300th episode, I am doing a special ASK BUCK show this week. We’ll even ask my daughters some questions!

Make sure to listen HERE!