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017: Taking Real Estate to the Next Level

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Wealth Formula podcast is not a real estate show. However, we do love real estate! Why? Because real estate is real. It’s not a piece of paper and it’s not a digital equity that you trade on Ameritrade that goes up and down with the whims of global emotion. It is an investment that allows us to own something that has nothing to do with Wall Street.

We also love it because it can provide us with one of the pillars of wealth…cash flow. In addition, it provides us with great tax incentives.

I believe every high earning professional should be invested in real estate. If the idea of owning real estate yourself is daunting, invest along side others and enjoy the same kind of cash flow and real estate advantages as those in the trenches.

In this week’s podcast I talk with a prolific real estate syndicator who puts together big deals and lets others participate in the cash flow. Whether you want to take it to the next level and become a syndicator yourself or just invest with one and get real estate exposure in your portfolio, today’s episode of Wealth Formula Podcast is for you.