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155: TribeVesting

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When I first described by “work” to my CPA, Tom Wheelwright, he said, “So you are an entrepreneur who just happens to be a surgeon”. I hadn’t thought about it that way, but I guess that’s what I am. 

Now listen, I don’t take the label “entrepreneur” necessarily as a complement. It’s more of an affliction than anything else. If you are an entrepreneur, you know what I am talking about. We can be a real pain in the ass for our significant others with all of our bright ideas and, often, our miserable failures. I often wish I had a personality that allowed me to simply be content doing the same thing for twenty years as a high paid employee and just enjoy my life. But…it’s just not in my DNA.

What is an an entrepreneur anyway? Of course we tend to think of entrepreneurs as people who start businesses, and by definition, that’s true. But more than that, however, entrepreneurship is the love (maybe even the addiction) to solving inefficiencies or problems. If you can find a problem that is not being adequately addressed, you have a business opportunity. And for us entrepreneurs, discovering that opportunity is a rush.

That said, everyone has a million dollar idea but only entrepreneurs are the ones foolish enough to act on it. To be clear, my entrepreneurial life has little to do with what I talk about on Wealth Formula Podcast. Wealth Formula is about investing the money you earn. You may earn your money by working a high paid job like a doctor or lawyer. I make mine by owning businesses. My businesses buy my real estate (I heard Robert Kiyosaki say that once).

Wealth Formula has, however, turned into a business and the problem it addresses is the lack of financial education people have along with the minimal exposure to investments outside of the Wall Street paradigm. Admittedly I did not start my podcast with any idea that it would turn into a business, but because I was addressing a problem many people have, it became one.

When it comes to investing our money, there are also a lot of inefficiencies in the system and problems that need to be solved. For example, how do you invest in 10 real estate opportunities through private placements when you have $100K per year to invest and each deal has a $50K minimum.

That’s the problem that TribeVest takes on head first and I think the concept is simple but brilliant. If you are an active investor and are trying to figure out how to get exposure to more investments with finite resources, you are going to want to listen to this week’s episode of Wealth Formula Podcast.

TribeVest was born around a kitchen table with a group of brothers who dreamed of owning a vacation home. Travis, one of the brothers, wanted to offer a platform that gave roadmaps for other tribes to achieve their dream investment, just like him and his brothers. He experienced first hand the power of an investment tribe.


  • The origins of TribeVest
  • How does TribeVest work?
  • The 29-point tribal line survey
  • TribeVest Founders Club
  • https://tribevest.com
  • [email protected]