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401: Real Estate Market Trends

A lot has happened over the past year in real estate. It goes to show how quickly things can change. Unless you have been living in a cave, you know that interest rates went way up really quickly. When that happens, housing typically goes down in value significantly. Oddly enough, in much of the country, […]

400: Trying Not to Run Out of Gas in Your Tesla

When I moved to Montecito a few years ago, I was amazed at how many people didn’t seem to work. To be clear, we don’t have a homeless problem out here. We just have a lot of people who own businesses. And it’s not quite true that they don’t work. They just don’t have regular […]

397: Prenups and Postnups: Marital Finance 101

No one getting married thinks that they will ever get divorced. I can tell you that from personal experience. Yet over half of American marriages end up in divorce. I was lucky in that I had an amicable break-up. Most of the divorces I’ve seen in the past few years have been ugly. I have two friends finally get […]

395: Tax Free Wealth and the Zombie Apocalypse

I’m not a doom and gloom podcaster as a general rule. There are plenty of those out there predicting the zombie apocalypse. However, I have to say that I’m pretty sure I’ve been seeing some questionable zombiesque characters running around town lately. It has occurred to me, however, that most people are not seeing what […]

392: Back to School: Tax Mitigation

What are penny stocks?

What are penny stocks anyway? You always here about them but does anyone actually invest in them? Well, some do and do quite well. However, it is a very specialized area of investing and should be approached cautiously. Here’s a basic run down of how they work. Investing in penny stocks is an option many […]

What is a hedge fund?

You hear about hedge funds all the time, but what is a hedge fund? If you watch the news or read about current events online, you might have a negative association with the term ‘hedge fund’. In recent years, there have been some major financial disasters related to hedge funds, and more specifically hedge fund […]