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401: Real Estate Market Trends

A lot has happened over the past year in real estate. It goes to show how quickly things can change. Unless you have been living in a cave, you know that interest rates went way up really quickly. When that happens, housing typically goes down in value significantly. Oddly enough, in much of the country, […]

398: There’s More to Alts than Real Estate

The world of real estate is kind of a cult. Members of this cult tend to think that pretty much anything outside of real estate is just a waste of money. I used to subscribe to this religion. And, for the most part, I still kind of do. My portfolio is largely real estate and […]

394: Beyond Real Estate: How to Cash Flow with Stocks

My portfolio is not what most would call diversified. I am about 70-80 percent real estate, 10-15 percent permanent life insurance and about 10-15 percent higher risk stuff. My only stock exposure is only high-risk stuff like mining companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange. To be clear, I am not advocating for this approach. That’s […]

What are penny stocks?

What are penny stocks anyway? You always here about them but does anyone actually invest in them? Well, some do and do quite well. However, it is a very specialized area of investing and should be approached cautiously. Here’s a basic run down of how they work. Investing in penny stocks is an option many […]

What is the foreign exchange market (Forex)?

So what is the foreign exchange market (FOREX) anyway? It’s something I’ve never really tried myself, but it’s a really interesting concept and might be fun to try out if you like the game. Also, there are a whole bunch of automated forex robots that many people claim work. We might even try one out […]

Basic Finance Bootcamp Lesson 7: Market Orders Versus Limit Orders

So now that you know a little bit about how the stock market works, let’s make sure you have some of the lingo down. As you will see below, ignorance on some of these terms can make your slick trading techniques costly. Today we are going to discuss market orders versus limit orders. The most […]

Cash Flow, ROI, and Cash on Cash

This post is part of a series of basic educational posts. Most of this blog is about higher level business and investment activity. However, in order to understand those posts, you need to make sure you understand the language. Most of you will probably already know what I’m talking about but we need to make […]