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What are penny stocks?

What are penny stocks anyway? You always here about them but does anyone actually invest in them? Well, some do and do quite well. However, it is a very specialized area of investing and should be approached cautiously. Here’s a basic run down of how they work. Investing in penny stocks is an option many […]

What is a hedge fund?

You hear about hedge funds all the time, but what is a hedge fund? If you watch the news or read about current events online, you might have a negative association with the term ‘hedge fund’. In recent years, there have been some major financial disasters related to hedge funds, and more specifically hedge fund […]

What is the foreign exchange market (Forex)?

So what is the foreign exchange market (FOREX) anyway? It’s something I’ve never really tried myself, but it’s a really interesting concept and might be fun to try out if you like the game. Also, there are a whole bunch of automated forex robots that many people claim work. We might even try one out […]

Cut Years Off Your Mortgage With 2 Easy Tricks!

I want to share some some little known facts that can literally cut years off your mortgage. So, my dad is a real estate guy–meaning he owns or has mortgages on cash flowing real estate and lives on the passive income that it generates. He told me about a few little tricks when it came […]

Let the Government Buy Your SUV This Year

So I had a back and forth with Pat Flynn over twitter on this topic recently so I thought I’d share the details with you all. The content here is courtesy of Russ Wilson at Porte Brown who I asked to give me a more clear version of these provisions than I could offer.  Russ is part […]

Assets Over Income

I was watching an interview with Dan S. Kennedy yesterday on the internet. For those of you who have never heard of him, he is a legend in the direct marketing world and has sort of a cult following. Much of his philosophy and his ideas are now used by modern day internet marketers. Even […]

100 Year Old Businesses Everywhere! Time to Buy One!

Why is it that most people find investing in the stock market so secure? Is it because we are programmed to believe that is the safe thing to do? I think that’s probably the case for most people. Others, who have thought about it more might be thinking that investing in businesses that are publicly […]