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Cut Years Off Your Mortgage With 2 Easy Tricks!

I want to share some some little known facts that can literally cut years off your mortgage. So, my dad is a real estate guy–meaning he owns or has mortgages on cash flowing real estate and lives on the passive income that it generates. He told me about a few little tricks when it came […]

The Concept of Scalability

To some the idea of scalability is not a new concept…particularly for those with a background in business. However, to other professionals, this might be a foreign concept so it’s important to talk about it in the context of entrepreneurship and even in investing. If a business is considered “scalable”, it is something that has […]

The Elite School of Hard Knocks

You can have the finest education in the world…even the finest business education but you simply cannot succeed in high level entrepreneurship or investing without spending some time at the School of Hard Knocks. What I mean by this is that the value of learning on the go is simply irreplaceable. Think about it. If  […]

Buying Real Estate Leveraging the Government!

I talk about real estate a lot in this blog because I really do love it and believe that most professionals looking for investments needlessly get intimidated and stay away from it. Why do I love real estate so much? Because, as a real estate owner, you have significant tax advantages from the IRS. Owning […]