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207: Non-Performing Notes in a Non-Performing Economy with Jorge Newberry

Buck: Welcome back to the show everyone. Today my guest on Wealth Formula Podcast, well gosh, he is the guy who’s been on this show more than anybody else. A longtime friend, great businessman, Jorge Newberry. He is the founder and the CEO of AHP Servicing which is a company that services non-performing notes but […]

206: The Realities on the Ground

Buck: Welcome back to the show everyone this is Buck Joffrey from Wealth Formula Podcast and Dr. Dave Draghinas from Doctors Unbound. We are doing a show together. We just connected over email recently thinking about some of the things that are unique to our groups and the people that we talk to so we […]

205: How to Protect Your Real Estate Investments

Buck: Welcome back to the show everyone. Today my guest, he is no stranger to the show. He’s my asset protection attorney, he is my friend, he is Doug Lodmell of Lodmell & Lodmell and he is the guy I trust when it comes to asset protection and also the guy really who you know […]

204: Wealth and Tax During a Meltdown: Tom Wheelwright, CPA

Buck: Welcome back to the show everyone today my guest is no guest, is really not a guest he’s practically family on this show at this point. He’s my CPA. He’s a celebrity CPA. He’s sort of the Michael Jordan of CPAs. Robert Kiyosaki uses him, etc. He is Tom Wheelwright of Tax-Free Wealth. Tom […]

203: Profiting Through the Only Guarantee in Life.

Buck: Welcome back to the show everyone. Today I have chief marketing officer of ASR Alternative Tim Wright to speak with us a little bit about this asset class known as life settlements. Tim welcome back to the show. Tim: Well thank you it’s always a pleasure to be on your podcast thanks for having […]

202: What is the Safest Investment in American History?

Buck: Welcome back to the show everyone. I’m glad to have back on the show Christian Allen and Rod Zabriskie. As you know they are our insurance specialists basically for permanent life insurance specifically these products that we call Wealth Formula Banking and Velocity Plus. I wanted to have them on because I feel like […]