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020: Real Estate Cashflow and Capital Gains with Andrew Holmes

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The words “real estate investing” conjure up many different images. For some, it might make you think of Vanilla Ice’s reality show on flipping homes. For others, The idea of real estate makes you think of real estate moguls such as Donald Trump.

The reason for these very different images is because real estate is a very large industry with multiple different niches.

Going through all of the different niches is a show in and of itself and we are not going to do that today. Instead, the focus of this week’s Wealth Formula Podcast is a discussion on real estate as a business versus real estate investing. Both can be lucrative, but they have very different intents and outcomes.

Andrew Holmes, called by some, aka the “king of cash flow” in Chicago, has experience and active participation in both kinds of activities. Therefore, he is the perfect guy to discuss this distinction.

This is a great show and a must listen for anyone involved in real estate or even contemplating it. I hope you enjoy it and make sure to send me your comments.

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