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027: Robert Kiyosaki’s Advisor Tom Wheelwright on TAX FREE WEALTH

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This show is about Tax Free Wealth with Tom Wheelwright. So with all my posts about taxes and my special report, you are probably thinking I’m a little obsessed with this whole tax thing. Well, I am and it’s in part because I read this book called Tax Free Wealth from Tom Wheelwright about 3 years ago. If you don’t know Tom, you should. He is Robert Kiyosaki’s tax guru and one of the Rich Dad advisors handpicked by Kiyosaki himself. I only have a handful of must read books in my resources section which you should check out at wealthformula.com and Tax Free Wealth is one of them. It is NOT a boring tax book. It’s actually well written and incredibly fascinating.

Folks…the biggest expense virtually all of you have out there is taxes. Furthermore, most of you think you can’t legally reduce your taxes and it is just what it is. You’re wrong. I know this from personal experience having worked with high level tax advisors and it has literally saved me north of 7 figures in taxes in the last 3-4 years alone. I’ve even told a bunch of you about some of my strategies and created a special report that is just a taste of what there is out there that the government WANTS you to do that results in big tax savings.

Okay..don’t take it from me. I’m just another doctor. But do me the favor of taking it from Kiyosaki’s guy, Tom Wheelwright! This week’s Wealth Formula Podcast episode could literally change your life.