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028: The Story EVERY Real Estate Investor Must Hear!

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I have talked about Jorge Newbery several times on my show in the past. It has always been in the context of his 12 percent yield mind blowing fund. But little did I know that before that, Jorge was a real estate prodigy making literally millions of dollars from dilapidated, rejected, apartment buildings and resurrecting them back to life. His story also reminds us of the importance of failures in investing in order to know that things don’t always go as planned. Investing in apartment buildings is certainly my favored approach to wealth building but it is not without risk as some might have you believe. But then again, is the stock market without risk?

The key to success as an investor is education and experience. I’m a surgeon. When I was a resident learning a new operation, I always studied the textbooks closely before going to the operating room. Then, an experienced surgeon would walk me through the case. But true mastery did not come for any procedure until I finally left training and was out on my own.

The same holds true for virtually everything you try to learn, and often, the biggest lessons are learned from mistakes.

In this episode of Wealth Formula Podcast, we speak to Jorge Newbery about his book, Burn Zones that tells his dramatic story. If you are a real estate investor, you won’t want to miss it.