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034: Apartment Investing with Jake and Gino from Wheelbarrow Profits!

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Happy holidays everyone! I hope you all had time to rest and rejuvenate.

How about we make some New Year’s resolutions and stick to them in 2017. There are thousands of you out there listening to me from around the world. If you’re listening to my program, that means that you are already investing in real assets to create wealth or you want to start doing it.

If you want to start doing it, write it down and make it happen in 2017. Time has a funny way of slipping away from us and it is really easy to procrastinate.

Case in point, in 2008, I had this idea for a blog and podcast that I was going to call poor doctor. This was just as I had finished my residency and just before I embarked on my career as a serial entrepreneur and investor. I did not own any businesses or any other kinds of assets. However, I knew I would someday. In fact, I was so sure of it that my blog and podcast were going to document my progress and, someday, show all the doctors out there how I transformed myself from a lowly broke surgical resident to a wealthy business owner and investor.

8 years later, here I am. I own multiple businesses with combined 8 figure revenues and my personal net worth is also in 8 figure land. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I had a vision of what I was going to do and I did it. There is no reason that you can’t.

The one thing that I did not do was to start that website and podcast. I actually do own the domain and WealthFormula.com started out as poor doctor.com but that’s about where it ended. I got to busy and stopped documenting my rise to where I had envisioned. I regret it. It would have made for great content and a great example for those today who are in the position I was in 2008.

The moral of the story is, stop procrastinating. Your success a couple of years from now depends on you taking action now and the longer you wait, the farther out you will push your own success.

Today’s show will feature a couple of guys who have really created their own destiny by taking massive action. Listen to the story of Jake and Gino from Wheelbarrow Profits as they go from being a drug rep and pizza guy to a powerhouse apartment investing team. It is truly inspiring and thoroughly entertaining.

While you listen, think about what you could do today to start heading in the direction that you want and how you are going to get there. Some of you may decide that you want to go all in like Jake and Gino. Others may want to take a more passive role and invest through communities such as my own investor club, other syndication groups, or through turn-key providers.

Either way, there is something that makes you come back and listen to my show and others every week…a desire to which you need to start paying attention and taking action for yourself.

I hope you enjoy the show.