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041 : Get Wealthy FASTER with “Momentum”

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I’m going to Belize next weekend. Actually, by the time you get this message, I will already be back. I’m looking forward to seeing some of you there at the field trip. Our Mahogany Bay Village investment opportunity in Ambergris Caye, Belize with its world class luxury affiliation is active and we are fast and furious on the raise. So if you are interested in this opportunity, don’t miss out. If you are an accredited investor, you can go to reefequitypartners.com and take another look at the deal. Of course, you can also go to wealthformula.com and sign up for investor club.

Lots of GREAT opportunities coming through the Investor Club pipeline over the next couple of months. By the way, if you have signed up for the club and have not talked to me yet, make sure you schedule your appointment with me ASAP. While the Belize offering is regulation C– meaning you do not have to have a pre-established relationship with me, if you want to invest in any future apartment buildings, you MUST have a pre-established relationship with me as we will be using regulation D. So…don’t miss the boat. Also, I am considering opening Reg D offerings to non-accredited investors if you consider yourself a “sophisticated investor.” A sophisticated investor is a type of investor who is deemed to have sufficient investing experience and knowledge to weigh the risks and merits of an investment opportunity. If you are not accredited but believe you fit the criteria of a sophisticated investor, reply to this email and lets get on the phone. Once I get to know you and your experience a little bit more, you might be eligible to participate in some of our deals and put some of that lazy IRA money to work!

Through our Investor Club, I’ve had a chance to speak to many of you over the last several days, and a lot of interesting conversations ensued. We’ve got a lot of interesting people with interesting skill sets in this group. One of the topics that came up is whether to go into active real estate investing or to be passive. This is a complicated question. However, my advice is this. Look at your own situation and figure out what your goals are. I define wealth as time and so time must figure that into your decision.

For example, if you are already making $200K or more per year and working over 40 hours per week, you have to figure out if it is worth it to add another job to your already busy life. Make no mistake, if you want to go solo with real estate or any other kind of investing, it is a business–especially in the syndication world. I have an analyst looking at 30-50 deals per month. The time that goes into being a “deal hunta” like my friend Peter Halm is significant. Therefore, it will either take you substantial amounts of time or cost you a significant sum of money as you hire the help around you to create a successful business. That is not to be discouraging. In fact, if you are not already making a lot of money and you love real estate, by all means, go for it. My point is that the entire goal behind entrepreneurship and investing should be to make our lives easier, not more difficult.

If you can make enough money to invest in passive income now, you have to look at the opportunity cost of adding additional layers of complexity and work to your life. I wrote about this topic in my book, Seven Secrets of Eternal Wealth in a chapter called “Momentum”. The book is still number one in multiple categories and you should consider picking up a copy on amazon if you haven’t.

Going back to the concept of “momentum”–in physics, Momentum=Mass X Velocity. In this week’s episode of Wealth Formula Podcast, I am going to relate this Newtonian formula to our Wealth Formula. Take a listen and tell me know what you think!