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049: Leverage is time with Ari Meisel

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What is leverage? The action of a lever by definition is to gain some kind of advantage. It can be physical like when you are using a tool or, in finance terms, it is the use of borrowed money to enhance buying capacity (and hopefully increase return on investment).

A few shows ago I emphasized that my belief was that coveted currency for most, whether realized or not, is time. I equate wealth with time rather than dollars in the bank. Therefore, time is my currency of choice. On this show, we often emphasize the idea of residual cash flow via real estate or other investment vehicles as the primary means of giving you more time to do the things that are important to you.

However, there is one more way to increase your bottom line on time. That is to reduce the amount of time spent on things you’d rather not do. Tim Ferris’, The 4 hour Work Week, popularized this notion about a decade ago. It’s a great book and it’s really funny. Tim writes about outsourcing just about everything using a virtual assistant in India–even going as far as having the virtual assistant talk to an angry girlfriend on his behalf!

Anyway, I was inspired by Tim’s book and tried using virtual assistants for a while but the hardest part for me was always dealing with companies overseas where there was a big language barrier and often substandard quality of work. Eventually, I dropped the whole notion of virtual assistants in my business life all together. I never really even thought about using them in my personal life.

That is until recently after meeting Ari Meisel at a genius network meeting. Ari’s built a company called Leverage that combines highly trained english speaking virtual assistants combined with training on how to best automate your business and personal life. It’s really a neat company.

Why have Ari on Wealth Formula Podcast you might ask? Because wealth is time and Ari is the king of maximizing time for productivity and leisure by hacking off all of the unnecessary and unpleasant tasks in life.

This is a service that I think many of you are going to love and in this episode of Wealth Formula Podcast you’ll get to learn all about it. This could change your life!

Best Regards,

Buck Joffrey