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050: Financial War with Jim Rickards

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I just got back from the Real Estate Guys Summit at Sea. Wow!!!–those guys know how to deliver. If you don’t listen to their podcast, by the way, you should. It’s the Real Estate Guys Radio Show. There are lots of copy cat real estate shows out there but only one Robert and Russ!

I learned so much and have so much to tell you that it will have to be split up over the next few weeks. As many of you know, Robert Kiyosaki was on the trip. I got very lucky in that I randomly sat next to him for several meals. In fact, at one point, I sat next to him 3 meals in a row. I think we share some kind of common hunger pattern or something. It was weird.

At one point, I snuck out of the lectures because I could feel my blood sugar dipping and went up to the buffet. I grabbed a seat at a bar table and called my wife for her birthday. Then, I saw Robert at the buffet line getting some eggs and he waved a friendly hello and came and sat down with me. I talked to him for the next 90 minutes. Now that was a treat. Why? Well, obviously as many of you know, Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant changed my life for good and defines the moment when I became an entrepreneur. But more than that, I realized the depth of Robert Kiyosaki’s intellect. Robert is not a cuddly bear. He’s an ex-marine who means business and he is also one seriously smart dude. It was a great experience for me to sit with him for 90 minutes and exchange ideas. Talking to smart people who “think different”, as Steve Jobs would say, is more gratifying to me than just about anything else. The only thing I would trade that conversation in for is a Minnesota Vikings Superbowl victory with me as the owner of the team.

So, getting back to the summit… Remarkably everyone seemed to agree that we are in a bad time in the economy. That’s not a surprising comment from Peter Schiff who Robert Helms says predicted 19 of the last 2 recessions or from Simon Black who advocates planting flags in other countries as a plan B when eminent destruction unfolds in the US economy. But even Douglas Duncan, Chief Economist at Fannie Mae, felt that the economy was not in a good place. Usually these guys are the optimists! Doug pointed out that this was the third longest economic expansion in US history BUT has been the worst expansion in terms of GDP growth and especially bad for the working class. Hopefully we will get Doug on the show, but everyone was floored that even the mainstream didn’t have a positive outlook about the economy. Later in the cruise, Kiyosaki commented, “It makes me worried when we all think the same thing. What am I not seeing?” he asked.

What aren’t we seeing? That’s sort of scary question. Sometimes things are just obvious I guess but other times there are a few extraordinary individuals who see things that no one else does.

It reminds me of the night before the presidential election. I am a lifetime member of Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence newsletter and receive urgent updates via email. The day before the election, I got an alert. On that video, Jim confidently told the world that Donald Trump was going to win the presidential election. He had sought and found clear evidence that polling was biased and wrong. He did the same thing just a few months earlier when he predicted a yes on the BREXIT vote.

Jim is one of the brains that I follow closely. With recent developments in Syria and North Korea and the prospect of war on multiple fronts, wouldn’t you like to hear what that guy has to say? Well, good news! Jim is my guest on this week’s episode of Wealth Formula Podcast.


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