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059: An Economy on the Eve of Disaster with Peter Schiff

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I keep reading about how the equity markets are bracing because of all of the things going on in the news–senate hearings on Trump and Russia, the referendum in the UK, and the fed about to raise rates again. People are worried about how these national and global events will affect their retirement money. Never mind the fundamentals and that price to earning ratios are at record highs for no apparent reason. Instead, the markets are bracing for commentary on events that have nothing to do with your stocks in apple and GE. By definition, that is irrational. The equity markets, my friends, are irrational. By the way, my apartment buildings don’t seem to care about any of this. I guess they lack feeling.

In the meantime I recently saw an article from a “thought leader” on physician finance who I have interviewed on this show write about how you need to keep dumping money in the markets because you are going to get a 7 percent yield with the goal of retiring with 1/4 of your current income–he called that “financial freedom”. His philosophy is typical of conventional wealth management–just do it! Invest and it will grow. That is not how you get wealthy folks. That’s a great strategy for nike, but not a wealth strategy you should rely on. That is how you will end up dying broke. For all of you doctors dentists and other healthcare professionals out there, I need your help spreading our message. Send my book to your friends and coworkers. Invite me to talk to your colleagues. I’ll come. This is my mission ladies and gentlemen.

Listen, I’m not a permabear. I don’t think the sky is falling all the time. In fact, there is always something to invest in any economic cycle. Just don’t be a lemming! Educate yourself and use reason.

Now, my guest on Wealth Formula Podcast this week has built significant wealth on betting against the economy. He is a former economic policy advisor to Ron Paul and is probably best known for his prediction of the housing meltdown in 2008. Make sure to listen to my interview with Peter Schiff.