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074: Make an impact AND make a profit!

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I cannot tell a lie–in my first business I made a small fortune sucking fat from places where people didn’t want it and putting it back where they wanted more!

I told Robert Kiyosaki about that last April and that’s how he remembered who I was the rest of the cruise.

My wife hates it when I talk about this past life but it’s true. Personally, I liked what I was doing for the first couple years. Listen, cosmetic surgery gets a bad wrap sometimes.

To me–I was helping people get over their hangups. It let them NOT obsess about their looks and MOST of the time it really improved the quality of their lives by giving them confidence.

But after a while, it started feeling like a job that I had to do. That’s when I phased out and moved on to the next thing.

These days my time is devoted to you and, from some of the kind feedback you have given me, I believe that I am really making an impact on some of your lives.

The cool thing about that is that all I am doing is sharing stuff with you that I love talking about and learning. This is the best gig I’ve ever had! Maybe not the most profitable but its certainly been the most fun.

You know…I don’t know anyone who loves what they do that doesn’t feel like they are, somehow, making some kind of difference.

Now what about your investments? Do you care if they make an impact? I do. I feel good knowing that I am able to grow my wealth and, at the same time, make a difference in the world.

That’s why I love funds like American Homeowner Preservation (AHPFunding.com) – Jorge Newberry’s fund that buys failing mortgages at pennies on the dollar and keeps people in their homes by renting it back to them while, at the same time, making investors a great return.

My guest today has another feel good business. This time, it’s a crowdfunding platform called impacthousing.com that buys apartment buildings that are underperforming in rough neighborhoods and turns them into places that anyone would live. They even provide programs to feed kids and help them stay healthy.

This is my kind of business folks. Make sure to tune in to this week’s Wealth Formula Podcast to learn how your money can make an impact and make a profit at the same time!