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078: Zen and the Art of NFL Football with Dr. Colleen Crowley

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How our brains have evolved over time is a funny thing. The same things that make us wildly successful in life have the potential to make us miserable.

This is the cruel paradox of the high achieving, high paid professional.

We are strivers and we have very high expectations of ourselves. That’s not a bad thing at all. I would be lying to you if I told you that I am any different.

The problem is that expectations CAN make you miserable.

In fact, some say the key to happiness in life is low expectations! I guess I can see that.

BUT, I am not going to convince you, the high achieving professional, or me to set our expectations lower.

Nor should we–we type A personalities were designed to conquer, to be tribal leaders, to push the limits for the betterment of humanity.

Without people like us…we’d still be in the stone ages:)

But…on the other hand, we must tame the beast within—we must identify that our expectations are dynamic. They constantly change as we continue on our journey through life.

Just because you’ve taken down a 2000 pound buffalo doesn’t mean that the hunt is over. NO! You’re going to move on to the next hunt. That’s the way you role. Those are your expectations.

And that’s ok as long as you don’t confuse expectations with destination.

What’s your destination? Your destination is where you can find fulfillment–holistic wealth as I refer to it.

We type A’s sometimes have a lot of trouble it and some of us could use a helping hand to get there.

Fortunately, there are some out there built to help guide us–to be our sherpa’s towards the pinnacle of wealth–self actualization and happiness.

One such sherpa, is my guest on this week’s Wealth Formula Podcast. Her name is Dr. Colleen Crowley (www.drcolleencrowley.com) and she specializes in helping high achieving, high paid professionals find true happiness.

So, If happiness is important to you, don’t miss this week’s episode of Wealth Episode Podcast.