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092: Gold, Crypto, and AI with Kenneth Ameduri

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Ray Dalio, legendary Hedge Fund Manager and over-all smart guy has been talking about the coming “financial winter” for the last few years. He’s looking at the same things we talk about on this show all the time–near zero interest rates for a decade, ballooning asset prices, quadrillion dollar derivative markets, etc.

Neither Ray Dalio nor I are doom and gloom guys–we were just talking about the facts.

But then…something happened. America got TRUMPED. The stock market took off again and asset prices got even fatter. To top it off, the new tax bill created the biggest tax cut for corporations and wealthy individuals since 1986.

The result–we ain’t going to be seeing winter anytime soon. We’ve got global warming! That is unless there is a black swan event like nuclear war for example.

I saw Ray Dalio on TV the other day and he echo’d that sentiment. He said over the next two year if your money is on the sidelines, “you are going to feel pretty foolish.” the floodgates just opened to massive economic growth and optimism.

So what am I doing? Well, I’m investing and trying to find solid opportunities for my investor club. I’m never sitting on the sidelines anyway. Something is always for sale. And if you want no correlation with the markets at all, there is always life settlements.

But market exposure isn’t so bad right now. Put double digit gains in a product like Velocity Plus that allows you leverage your gains but take no downside and BOOM! You’re going to make some money.

Anyway, we live in interesting times (isn’t that a Chinese curse?)

So, for better or worse, make it work for you.

Kenneth Ameduri has been doing just that as a professional investor an entrepreneur. On this week’s Wealth Formula Podcast, we will discuss everything from gold to cryptocurrency so make sure to tune in.


[00:40] Introduction

[08:11] Kenneth’s story

[13:30] 2018 in Kenneth’s eyes

[15:55] Politics and the economy

[22:35] The precious metal market

[24:45] The interplay between cryptocurrency and precious metal

[31:57] Artificial intelligence technology

[36:14] Investing in the booming of AI

[38:21] Kenneth’s Crush The Street (https://crushthestreet.com)