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126: Ask Buck

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It’s amazing how we learn isn’t it? I watch my little girls and I realize how much we, as adults, take for granted when it comes to everyday things.

My three-year-old does not know how to tie her shoes yet—in fact, she puts her shoes on the wrong feet 50 percent of the time. At least she’s consistent.

Last weekend, my nine-year-old was blown away by the concept of compounding interest when I asked her to figure out how much money she would make in 4 weeks if I paid her a penny today and doubled it every day for 28 days.

Actually, most adults would be blown away by the compounding interest example but the point is that it’s obvious to me.

Tying surgical knots is also a brainless activity for this former brain surgery resident. But I have no idea how to change my car’s oil (I am ashamed to admit) and some people would find that comically easy. I’ve just never been taught.

Over the years, I have come to believe that most everyone can learn just about anything. Some of us might have a shorter learning curve for certain things and get labeled as “smart’ in school, but that doesn’t equate to mastery which can only be achieved through repeated practice.

I remember my first day as a surgical resident. Everything was foreign and I couldn’t operate to save my life. Then, a few years later, I woke up and I was operating on people on my own.

Money-talk is no different. It’s just a different language. The more you hear it, the more you eventually just know what’s going on. It’s not brain surgery.

But, you gotta start somewhere and my podcast might be a good place to do that.

In the spirit of that, we back up a little bit on Wealth Formula Podcast this week with another episode of Ask Buck.