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138: Ask Buck Christmas Edition

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I’d like to give each and every one of my listeners a gift this year so I’m going to do that the only way I know how—to give you some unsolicited advice (not to be confused with financial advice). Take it or leave it but these concepts have served me well. So…let us begin!

Invest in people, not deals. This is just as true whether you are investing on your own as owner-operator or as a passive investor. It is easy to understand from the perspective of a passive investor. Once word gets around that you might invest in a private placement, you will get a lot of garbage thrown your way. My advice…if you don’t know who it’s coming from, delete it.Proformas and glossy offering memorandums can be made to look whatever way you want them to look. You can make swamp land in Florida look good on paper. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig. Work with people that you know, like and trust.

What if you are contemplating a new venture on your own or are thinking about buying your own apartment building? Same principal here…invest in people, not deals. In this case, you have to invest in your self. You have to take the time to learn and get the help you need from mentors and masterminds. If you are going into a dark cave for the first time, bring someone who’s been there before.

Be careful on this one—lots of gurus out there who aren’t going to help you that much. They are too busy selling their programs to be true mentors. It’s better if you find a real person willing to take you under their wing who’s got some scar tissue. To master anything new, you have to learn from mistakes…but they don’t have to be your mistakes.

Finally, remember to keep an open mind and try to learn from multiple sources. A mentor is great but should serve as a foundation for your on-going learning. Get perspectives from others. I have found that perfectly intelligent people can disagree on how things should be done and both or neither can be right at the same time.

I have missed out on some big opportunities in the past few years because I kept listening to the same people crying wolf about the economy over and over.I have found that when everyone thinks the same thing, it is usually time to second guess the assumptions that are being made.

So…please keep listening to my podcast and become an active member of the Wealth Formula Community. But also listen to others who have a different perspective. Tell me when you think I am wrong. But if you do, back it up rather than quoting another podcaster or blogger.

On my end, I will continue and try not to let myself get boxed into one kind of thinking and to continue to provide you with truly unique and useful content that isn’t just a replay of someone else’s podcast. I think we have just scratched the surface.

Merry Christmas!