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177: Agricultural Investing in Paraguay?

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I am a simple guy. When I bowl, I throw the ball right down the middle of the lane. I couldn’t put any spin on it if I tried. My thinking is equally simple. In order for me to understand things, I have to break them down into smaller, easier to digest bites or I won’t understand.

When I tell people that, they think I am joking. How does a guy who spent time as a brain surgeon call himself simple?  Well, I am telling you the truth.

I thrive on simplicity—by connecting a series of lines from point A to point B. If I can connect all the dots, I will get it and, in fact, I will be able to explain it to someone else so they understand it as well. If anything, that is my superpower.

But I don’t like complexity.  Too many moving parts means too many chances for error. So, whenever something looks a little different than what I am used to, it makes me nervous.

Agricultural investing is one of those things that I don’t know much about. In theory, it sounds like a good idea. People have to eat, right? 

Investing over-seas?…I’ve done it before and I probably will never do it again. I like predictability. And, you can say a lot of negative things about the US, but it is still a land ruled by law and a government that will not be overthrown anytime soon. If someone screws you over, there is a good chance you will get retribution. It’s good to be an American investing in the United States.

That said, I also have an open mind so I like to talk to people about things that I don’t understand or inherently feel comfortable about. After all, there was a time that I didn’t really understand multifamily real estate. Since then, I have pretty much bet my life on multifamily real estate and, while many uncertainties in life make me uneasy, my real estate investments do not.

Real estate in the United States is what I know, but living in a bubble is not good either. Therefore, I make an effort to constantly listen to new things and, as a result, have changed my mind more than once and fine tuned my own investing philosophy.

So, this week’s show is going to explore something I know nothing about: agricultural investing in Paraguay. 

Is it right for you? To find out, listen to this week’s Wealth Formula Podcast.

David Smith is an Agricultural Advisor at Paraguay AG invest


  • David’s background
  • What’s the case for investing in agriculture?
  • What are the risks involved with agricultural investments overseas?
  • David talks about Paraguay AG’s business model
  • Why do you need to diversify your portfolio?
  • https://paraguayaginvest.com/
  • [email protected]