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190: A Time to Give (and to Receive)!

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The end of the year is a good time for giving. Of course we are already in the mood with the holidays. Buying presents has a way of greasing up the credit cards and making it easier to pull the trigger.

The end of the year is also a good time to give to charity. Even if you are a kind hearted human being, I’m sure it’s not always easy to part with your hard earned money. However, at the end of the year, you come to the realization that charity is also tax deductible so it starts to make you feel more philanthropic.

That being said, I would like to direct you to a cause that I think is really worth your attention. One of our listeners, Dr. Eric Payne is a craniofacial surgeon. He’s the kind of plastic surgeon who can change lives for children with facial deformity such as cleft palate/cleft lip.

A few months ago, Eric did a webinar for us on what he does on these international trips. It was pretty pretty inspiring. You can watch that webinar replay HERE.

You see, one of the things we take for granted in our lives is how we look. Even if you aren’t a supermodel, chances are that when you walk around town, people don’t look at you like you have a deformity of some kind. We take anonymity for granted and focus on higher level stuff like making money.

Now imagine being a kid with a facial deformity that everyone can see in plain site that also interferes with your basic functions like eating, drinking and speaking. That’s what kids born with cleft palates and lips are up against.

I want to help these kids by supporting Eric’s work. My goal is to raise $100K for his organization to fund the next mission to India. Then, Eric will take lots of photos and videos to show you your money at work in a follow-up webinar. $100K will result in unparalleled return on investment in terms of the impact it will have on these kids.

We have A LOT of people in this community so all we need is for everyone to participate and donate SOMETHING. It could be $10 or it could be $10,000—no pressure! Everything helps.

Use the following link to get to the donation page: https://www.leapmissions.org/donate-form/

Make sure that you include Wealth Formula as your referral source. I would like to keep track of how much we donate as a group. In addition, anyone who donates at least $1000 to the cause will be acknowledged on a “Giving Back” page that will be added to WealthFormula.com.

If you have been to our events or are part of our online community, you know that the Wealth Formula Community is extraordinary. As a community, I want to see us increasingly make an impact on the world around us.

As for this week’s podcast, it’s about how giving can also be designed to make or save you money at a higher level.

Merry Christmas.

Arlene spent more than 20 years in the trust and investment services industry, and 9 years in non-profit development. When you work with Arlene, you get a compelling, comprehensive perspective on giving derived from her broad experiences with individuals and businesses ranging from Wall Street to Main Street. Get a fresh viewpoint on giving and bring more fulfillment to your practice and your clients’ lives.


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