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209: 4 Doctors, a Virus, and a Battered Economy: Part 2

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Last episode we talked about the realities of COVID-19—what it is, what makes it so challenging and how dangerous it really is. We also talked about potential medical treatments. In this episode, we go into vaccinations and economic impacts of COVID-19.

Listen to Part 1 here: https://www.wealthformula.com/podcast/208-4-doctors-a-virus-and-a-battered-economy-part-1/

Dr. John Foley is a neurologist specializing in clinical neurology
Dr. Ian Kurth is a neuroradiologist

Dr. Paresh Mehta is a gastroenterologist


  • The path to the new normal
  • The doctors talk about their current investments and how they have been affected by the Covid-19 situation