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328: The Emotionally Intelligent Investor

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This week’s episode of Wealth Formula Podcast is about emotional intelligence. Why would we talk about such things on a personal finance show?

Well, let’s define emotional intelligence for a moment. We all have emotions. If you want to see emotions in their rawest form, look at a toddler. One minute you might have an angel and the next you might have a complete meltdown and a demon from hell.

Adults are no different. Emotional intelligence is the ability to step away from those emotions and examine why you are having them. Toddlers don’t do that and only some adults really do.

Why is emotional intelligence useful to have? Well, emotions can get us into trouble unchecked. We’ve all sent the text or email that we wish we hadn’t in the moment. We all have those moments that we wish we had kept our mouths shut. As Warren Buffet says, “ You can always tell someone to go to hell tomorrow.”

Buffet also says, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” Everyone knows that you should buy low and sell high, right? But when shit hits the fan, few are able to overcome emotions and do what they rationally know they should do.

This week on Wealth Formula Podcast I talk to an expert in emotional intelligence who says that emotional intelligence can not only be measured, but also developed to optimize multiple facets in our lives. Maybe it can make you a better investor?

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Carolyn Stern is the President and CEO of EI Experience — an executive leadership development and emotional intelligence training firm. She is a certified Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development Expert, professional speaker, and university professor. Carolyn’s emotional intelligence courses and modules have been adopted by top universities in North America.

She has also provided comprehensive training programs to business leaders across the continent in highly regarded corporations encompassing industries such as technology, finance, manufacturing, advertising, education, healthcare, government, and foodservice. Her engaging, results-based approach has been synthesized here for the first time in a user-focused, self-coaching model that will motivate and inspire readers to apply the power of emotional intelligence to their own leadership and organizations. Carolyn lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia.


  • What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • Is there a way to measure emotional intelligence?
  • Building Emotional Intelligence?
  • Emotional Intelligence and Financial Success
  • Carolyn’s book The Emotionally Strong Leader