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419: The Ins and Outs of ATM Investing

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Last week I sent an update on the WF Velocity ATM Fund which currently has a live tranche. The email I sent, for reference, is below.

The email prompted a number of questions that I answered and also thought it would be useful for my partner, Daryl Heller, who is also the majority owner of the operating company, to join the podcast and discuss the world of ATM investing once again.

This is a sophisticated business model that is worth understanding. Paramount is one of the biggest players in this space and Daryl offers a lot of incite that might be useful to you—even if you decide to go buy your own ATMs instead of investing in a fund.

Show Notes:

04:19 Why ATMs?
05:47 Who’s using ATMs?
07:32 Will ATMs survive a cashless society?
11:24 How do ATMs make money?
16:18 Licensing
19:24 Operator behind the WF Velocity Fund – Paramount
21:45 What are the investors investing in?
23:03 What determines whether or not there is a tranche?
26:03 Returns for the fund
28:35 Consistency through COVID
31:48 Due-diligence