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424: Richard Duncan: U.S. Strong China in Trouble

I have been asked by many to give my opinion on where the economy is headed and what to do. I have been reluctant to do so because I am not an economist and I do not want to give investment advice. However, I do think I owe it to you to let you know […]

414: The Safest Double Digit Returning Investment in History?

When I was fresh out of surgical residency and started to make some money, I started looking for advice on what to do with it.  One of the questions I had was about life insurance. I was a newlywed and had a baby on the way (now she’s in high school by the way). So, […]

410: Is Ray Dalio Really Who He Says He Is?

My social life sucks. I moved to Montecito in 2017 from Chicago a married man with 3 children. When we got here, I didn’t know anyone.  Luckily, I had my family and was plenty entertained by my three little girls. My now ex-wife also served as social coordinator to make sure we had things to […]

406: Wealth Without Wall Street

When I first started podcasting a decade ago, I was very anti-Wall Street. But what does that even mean? I guess I hadn’t really contemplated that. My show started not long after the financial meltdown of 2008-2009. For many of us, the greed that was unveiled during that period was eye-opening as we saw major […]

400: Trying Not to Run Out of Gas in Your Tesla

When I moved to Montecito a few years ago, I was amazed at how many people didn’t seem to work. To be clear, we don’t have a homeless problem out here. We just have a lot of people who own businesses. And it’s not quite true that they don’t work. They just don’t have regular […]

398: There’s More to Alts than Real Estate

The world of real estate is kind of a cult. Members of this cult tend to think that pretty much anything outside of real estate is just a waste of money. I used to subscribe to this religion. And, for the most part, I still kind of do. My portfolio is largely real estate and […]

What is a hedge fund?

You hear about hedge funds all the time, but what is a hedge fund? If you watch the news or read about current events online, you might have a negative association with the term ‘hedge fund’. In recent years, there have been some major financial disasters related to hedge funds, and more specifically hedge fund […]