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404: An Update From AHP Servicing With Jorge Newberry

In this bonus episode of Wealth Formula Podcast, Jorge Newberry shares with us some background on what’s been happening with AHP as well as his perspective on real estate and the debt market.

399: Tax Mitigation Strategies in Real Estate

It’s NFL season and I’m still glued to the TV despite my team’s rough start and the fact that we lost our starting quarterback for the year. In case you don’t know, my team is the Minnesota Vikings and our starting quarterback was Kirk Cousins who just went down with a brutal Achilles tendon tear. […]

Passive Income

Much of what I write about in this web log will relate to a concept that I believe is critically important for everyone looking for financial security, to consider…MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME. Specifically, I am talking about PASSIVE INCOME. Passive income is income that is generated even when you are sleeping. Passive income is income […]