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240: A Million Dollars a Month with Rod Khleif!

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Buck: Welcome back to the show everyone. Today my guest on the Wealth Formula Podcast is Rod Khleif. Rod is a highly successful entrepreneur and real estate investor. He’s been on the show before, a few years back. For over 40 years Rod has seen remarkable highs and lows including losing 50 million dollars in 2008 as part of that crash and he has since recovered and he’s got a successful business and a podcast and he’s here to to talk to us today about his journey. Rod welcome back I should say to Wealth Formula Podcast.

Rod: Oh thanks thanks Buck, it’s great to be back and looking forward to having some fun today my friend.

Buck: Great. So you know it’s been a while since you’re on the show and obviously we’ve got people joining all the time and so tell us a little bit more about your story if you could expand on sort of what happened building up obviously you had done something right to get to the point where you know you’d built a substantial you know net worth I imagine and then 2008 came and I guess I could kind of visualize the punchline there but why don’t you tell us for yourself.

Rod: Yeah sure. Well let me go back a little further because I think it’ll tie into how I feel I can add the most value to your listeners today Buck and you know I immigrated this country when I was six years old with my mother and my brother albert and we ended up in denver colorado and we really struggled. In fact I wore clothes from the salvation army and the goodwill all the way through junior high school until I could get a job and buy my own clothes and you know we ate expired food and luckily my mom was a bit of an entrepreneur and she had an incredible work ethic and so she babysat kids so we’d have enough money to eat. With her babysitting money she bought the house across the street from us when I was about 14 for $30000 and then when I was 17 she told me she’d made $20000 in her sleep and I was like what screw college I’m going to get into real estate. So I went out and got my real estate brokers license which you could actually do with education back then now they got smart you need some experience but I was a broker I when I turned 18 and I was going to be rich selling real estate well my first year I made about $8000, my second year maybe ten thousand dollars but my third year I made over a hundred thousand dollars which back in 1981 for a 21 year old was pretty good money and so what happened between year two and year three? What happened was I met a guy that taught me about mindset and I really mindset and your mindset your psychology or 80 to 90% of your success in in anything be it real estate or entrepreneurship or anything it’s primarily mindset, only 10 to 20 is the mechanical information the the vehicle that you choose. If it was just knowledge there’d be a bunch of wealthy librarians and college professors out there it’s the do and it’s the keep doing. And so fast forward to today I’ve owned a couple thousand houses that I rented long term and multiple apartment complexes in three states and in 2006 my net worth went up 17 million dollars while I slept. But you already you already gave your audience the punch line the punch line was 2008 and you know in 2006 I thought I was a real estate god I mean you know if you do the math on that it’s it’s over eight thousand dollars an hour and you know I thought I could do no wrong and you know when that happens god of the universe will give you a nice little smackdown and that was 2008. I lost 50 million dollars in 2008. And so one of the things that I talk about on my podcast and my live events is really the mindset it took to have 50 million to lose in the first place and then the mindset it took to get back to the success that I’m blessed to have today and I’m happy to drill down on that with you if you’d like I think I could add some value on that topic.

Buck: Absolutely so all right why don’t you do that why don’t you start with you know what mindset you know what mindset got you there and then I guess ultimately what you have to really do in these situations, as an entrepreneur myself is really just to you know understand what you did wrong and what you know what you learned from it and you know what you would do differently now and that may be what would have prevented those things from happening.

Rod: Sure well we can talk about the technical aspects of why it didn’t work and and certainly I got that memo which is why I started my podcast but bigger than that it was really when I lost everything it was reassociating with what I wanted and why I wanted it and so you know it really the the the yes I got the memo on the fact that I needed to be focusing on cash flow instead of value in fact that was even the subtitle of my book which was the new rules of real estate investing i.e the new rules being forget value focus on cash flow and we can get into why I crashed and burned and I can I can talk about that as well but let’s talk about mindset first because really a lot of people don’t recover from losing that kind of money in fact in 1929 people jumped off of buildings for losing proportionally what I lost in 2008 and so you know one of the things that I do in my live events in my life now live stream events I’m supposed to have 800 people in orlando in May and we all know what happened with that so now you know I do them live stream but the one of the first things we do is this I call it really goal setting on steroids now I know if you’re listening to Buck you already are aligned with your goals and you’re doing goals but humor me for a minute I think you’ll really get value from what I’m going to describe next I’ll give you a high level overview of the process because it’s so freaking powerful. So what you do is you pick an hour when you have a lot of energy don’t do it after a meal drink you know make sure you’re well hydrated and and sit down and write down everything you could ever possibly want in life all the stuff write down the houses the cars the boats the jet skis the planes whatever it is but take the lid off your brain imagine if you write it down you’re gonna get it which is not outside the realm of reality and so you know you know write down how much cash flow you’re going to have from your real estate in you know three or whatever your where business venture is and say three years and then again in 10 years write down how much money you’re going to have in the bank in three years in 10 years and you know but don’t limit yourself if you’re analytical don’t stop and analyze it just keep writing you can always scratch stuff out later but write down everything you could ever possibly want in life not just in the next year I’m talking about in life the big things the little things and if you want to jet a private island a yacht write it down because that starts the process then also write down everything you want to do in this lifetime you know maybe you want to climb all the mountains over 14 000 feet maybe you know write down where you want to go visit you know all the places you want to visit you know I maybe want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane I did that about eight months ago and I’ll never freaking do it again but it’s off the list so write down what you want to do as well then also write down what you want to learn okay maybe you want to learn a skill set if it’s multi-family come spend a couple days with me you know I do these boot camps or less than 100 and I don’t sell anything and they’re two full days of training I’ll give you the information on that later but the point is if you want to learn a skill set write that down if you want to you know learn a foreign language write that down so it’s everything it’s not just the stuff it’s everything you want to do be or have. Also write down who you’re going to help how you’re going to make the world a better place because we will do more for others than we’ll ever do for ourselves like you know I bought my parents a house here in Florida when my dad was alive bought him a car took him on cruises write down who you want to do things for. Then the next thing once you can’t think of another thing it’s not real until it’s measurable put a time limit on each goal put a number by each goal a one a three a five even a ten or a twenty for the number of years it’s going to take you to achieve it one three five ten twenty recognizing that as human beings we will overestimate what we can do in a year and massively underestimate what we can do in 5 10 or 20 years and I’ll give you a personal example of this but let me pre-frame this by telling you I’m not bragging here I just want to hopefully inspire you to take action with this. So when I was 18 I lived in Denver but I knew I wanted to live on a beach and there’s no beach in Denver and so I would visualize the palm trees and the and the sand and the surf and the waves and and 20 years later I built this incredible 8 million dollar 10 000 square foot mansion on the beach here in Sarasota and it was unthinkable when I was 18. and that’s the point I want to make and this house is magnificent giant waterfall from the second floor balcony into the pool and I could go on this magnificent home but the point is as an 18 year old that was almost unthinkable but take the lid off your brain when you’re writing your own so you put a time limit on each goal. Now next thing just a couple more steps and I’ll be done with this the next thing I want you to do is pick your number one goal I mean that goal when you’re getting like oh my god this is amazing that goal and and that you know you’ve arrived when you achieve that goal put that on another piece of paper then pick your top three one-year goals put those on that same sheet of paper and leave some room in between them at this point you’re ahead of 90 percent of the people 99 of the people on the planet that do a new year’s resolution that’s forgotten by February but there’s just a couple more quick steps. I want you to write underneath each one of those goals why it’s an absolute must for you to achieve it not a should okay it has to happen and you want to use emotionally charged words words like amazing and incredible and beautiful and you might say so that I can show my kids what amazing success looks like so I can show my wife what it means to be successful her husband you know so we can have the freedom to do whatever we want whenever we want wherever we want bring whoever we want whatever it is for you write it down the why because the why is the juice the why is the fuel that’s going to get you to take action and maybe you’re caught in analysis paralysis and the why is going to get you past that fear to actually take action or past your limiting beliefs or maybe you’re comfortable and the comfort zone is a warm place but nothing grows there right so you’ve got to have the why to push it through that. And so you’ve got your positive reason why underneath each one of those goals take it one little step further and put some pain in there if you don’t achieve the goal you might say so you know and make it painful so I don’t live a life of regret so I don’t feel like a failure so I don’t fail my children so I don’t fail my spouse I mean make it really hurt. Here’s why. As human beings we will do more to avoid pain than gain pleasure and you want to use this again this is the fuel and then and once you’re done with that there’s just one more step you’ve got to go get pictures of your goals get them around you I’ll give you some public examples of this Jim Carrey when he was flat broke the actor wrote himself a check for 10 million dollars and he used to go up by the hollywood sign he’d look at it and visualize caching it if you google Jim Carrey check you’ll see this and and and that’s how much money he made for dumb and dumber I’ll give you a more recent example Demi Lovato the singer when she was an unknown 10 years ago made a declaration on social media and said I’m gonna sing in a super bowl one day go watch the last super bowl and see who’s saying the national anthem and this stuff I’ll give you some personal examples. When I was 18 I was going to sell other people houses and be rich but I got a four-door car that I figured I had to have to show other people houses there’s this bone ugly four-door Granada and I mean just a piece of you know what with a bench seat in the front just hideous but that’s what I figured I had to have well I worked with a guy that had a Corvette and he let me drive it and that’s a critical piece by the way if there’s something that you want go experience it test drive the car go visit an open house or the house like you want you know experience it as best you can well I drove this Corvette and I’m like oh my god this is amazing so I got a picture out of a magazine this is before anybody could spell internet and I got a picture out of a magazine I put on the visor of that four-door granada within a year to add a beautiful Corvette and again I’m going to give you a couple more examples of car examples but again I’m not bragging this stuff doesn’t even interest me anymore but I hope to inspire you to what’s possible here so this is back when the tv show Magnum PI was out and the actor’s name was Tom Selleck and he drove this Ferrari 308 and that was the first exotic car I’d ever seen I thought that was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen so I got a picture of that actual car and put it on the visor of my Corvette within a year or two out of Maserati look just like it last example I’m the guy that always wanted a Lamborghini and my son collected models of exotic cars I’ve even got the model over here in the in my other building here my compound and and he had a model of the exact same color and style lamborghini that I ended up getting which I wrecked ultimately but guys pictures work. In fact let me show you something here for those of you that are watching. So this is my planner I’m a dinosaur I use a paper planner yes and and in the back of this planner are pictures that have been in here for 20 years now the first pictures are my gratitude pictures now see these are in plastic they’re dog-eared they’ve been here for 20 years guys and the first pictures of pictures of my kids when they were very young everything starts from a place of gratitude that’s foundational and so these are my gratitude pictures and and then you know I’ve got pictures of things that I wanted what’s crazy is this top picture looks just like the house that I built on the beach I lost the house by the way and all the craziness but but I had 10 foot high glass like that all butt together I had travertine floors just like that now what’s even crazier is this bottom picture if you can see those white walls and those bottom pictures Buck, I live in a compound now it’s six buildings I’ve got a giant main house I’ve got a two bedroom guest house on the water I’ve got a a a media building that we’re building an awesome video studio in right now they’re over there working on it right now I’ve got an exercise room on and on a spectacular compound and because god’s got a sense of humor I can actually see my old house that I built the place on the beach across the bay but this picture you look at the wall behind me this that’s my backyard that’s the same walls that’s in these pictures that were in my vision pictures here 20 years ago you see the wobbles behind me there Buck it’s just insane then I’ve got other stuff in here like watches I’ve got a few hundred thousand dollars worth of watches stupid that I thought was important the lamborghini before I ever got it okay the the Rolls-royce the Bentley all this stuff that I thought was important that I got because I had pictures so go get pictures put them around you I know some of you analytical guys are going oh come on let’s get on with the real estate stuff but I’m here to tell you this is more important because this is what gets you to take action with the knowledge. I’ll get off my soapbox.

Buck: No I don’t disagree a lot on the mindset. I mean I obviously do think you need to have some technical you know stuff is important too you know and to the extent that there’s you know there’s there are a million stories about people writing checks and getting them a lot of people don’t get them as well right. If I have my entire audience write a 10 million dollar check to themselves and go through the motions I’m not sure that everybody will end up with a 10 million dollar check. What I’m just saying is I get it and you know this is the visualization points I think are really important and I think they are you know they’re they’re they’re similar to what you hear about and I think it’s critically important but there are some important aspects of the technical features of knowing what you do right there.

Rod: I agree completely you can’t dabble right if you’re going to do anything you can’t be a dabbler particularly multi-family real estate dabblers get crushed. But the thing that I see more often is the analytical ones that have to check off every single box and know everything about the business before they’ll actually take action and they never take action and that’s a crime and. So let me go back to why I crashed and burned in 2008 because I think it’s relevant and people are probably wondering. I was only at a 30 loan to value Buck in 2008 I only owed 30 cents on the dollar and I still crashed and burned here’s why. So first of all I had 800 houses and I had several apartment complexes my houses were two hours north of me and two hours south of me and everywhere in between the problem was the logistics of it so if I had a well and some other issues so Florida has no state income tax and and so property taxes here are higher which impacts what cash flow and I had properties in wind and flood zones in fact we just had a hurricane here two days ago and the dock got damaged everything else and so in wind and flood zone you have higher insurance which impacts what cash flow but here’s what killed me so if I had a maintenance issue at one of my apartment complexes everything’s the same hvac is the same plumbing’s the same the you know parts for the plumbing the door locks the the appliances everything everything’s the same so you can stockpile parts so I can send the maintenance guy and he’s in and out in an hour. Well if I had to send someone to one of my houses it’s an hour or further away one way they’d have to go there see what’s wrong go find a home depot or a Lowe’s to buy parts and then you know I don’t know if you’ve ever fixed anything but anytime I fix something I usually end up going more than once to go get the parts and this happens when you get into houses as well and and so what would take an hour at one of my apartment complexes took all day at one of my 800 houses and these houses were C-class houses so higher maintenance than you get in a nicer asset and so that was that really killed the cash flow but then the coup de gras was most of my residents were contractors plumbers electricians drywallers painters roofers and that fell off a cliff and wait night sure and so they couldn’t pay their rent and that’s really how and then you know what what else is crazy is the market crashed so much here in Florida that I actually went upside down I was it crashed more than 70 percent on my portfolio and I was like okay that’s it I’m done so you know it was painful but is what it is.

Buck: Well let’s get back to the mindset issue. What do you think it is that happens to us?

Rod: It’s fear of failure it’s fear of humiliation it’s fear of rejection and I’m gonna tell you if the if you know this is you listening fear regret a lot more than you fear the failure the humiliation and the you know just step outside of that because I’m going to tell you that there’s nothing worse than regret. There was this nurse in Australia named Bronnie Ware she’s a hospice nurse so she counseled patients at the end of their lives and she asked him a question she wrote a book about it she asked them do you have any regrets and the book’s called The Five Regrets Of Dying you know what the number one regret was not living the life I could have lived, living someone else’s life not doing what I know I’m capable of and you know guys unless you get that self motivation to actually take action it’s never going to happen. And you know hear the old adage work like most people won’t for a few years so you can live the rest of your life like most people can’t and that’s the truth of it regardless of the vehicle okay I don’t care if you go buy a franchise or a business or you do real estate whatever it is you actually have to take action.

Buck: So what I was wondering about was the the elements that you talked about there was like you know and I think it’s useful to talk about you know the the imagery and you know the the vision boards and all of these other elements that you talk about in terms of functionally getting to to help you get to that point psychologically. What do you think’s happening in the human brain that is the question you know is making those things happen because certainly I don’t disagree that there’s significant power to this and I’ve seen it firsthand and the idea of sort of being able to you know to will things to happen so to speak.

Rod: Let me give you some examples I will tell you right now that olympic athletes for world-class athletes before they run a race they visualize it in their minds it’s been proven to enhance their performance and the Russians started it now all of them do it okay and I will tell you what it does well I is if with your goals what the goals piece does is it triggers something in your brain called your reticular activating system and that’s what they call this subconscious filter that’s in your brain you’re not conscious of it but it points you in the direction that it thinks you’re interested in and again it’s it’s subconscious the greatest example of it is I think is probably easiest to understand is when you first buy a car. You never really notice them and you buy the vehicle and they’re everywhere were there before of course they were that’s your reticular activating system pointing you at what it you know your brain thinks you’re you’re interested in and the same thing is with your goals. Again you know I realize you’ve got some skepticism around it Buck but I’m gonna tell you it’s I know this is how I was able to have 50 million to lose in the first place and to recover which was even tougher from having it by reassociating with what I wanted it’s you know it’s human nature to focus on the negative I mean don’t get me started on freaking politics or the news the fake news right now but but you know as human it’s human nature to focus on the negative okay and and that’s how we that’s actually how we connect if Buck if you came up to me and said how you doing I said oh man I am amazing I’m so fantastic you take five steps back and say he’s off his meds but if you came up to me and said how you doing I said oh my back’s killing me and you put your arm around me so I feel you brother I feel you that’s how we connect and so right now especially with all the crap that’s going on with Covid and everything else out there I know that if you listen to Buck you’re a leader in this world right now needs leaders and leaders have the ability to direct their focus. You’ve got to stand guard at the door to your mind you’ve got to make sure you bring in the good stuff because it’s so easy to focus on the negative right now there’s so much of it again on the news and everywhere else and you’ve got to bring in the good stuff because what you focus on gets bigger both positive and negative and so it’s critical for you to direct your focus right now because of all the stupidity that’s happening out there but I feel very strongly about about the power of this and the your ability to manifest things in your life through through this visualization process and and I just know it’s worked for me and yes I have vision boards and and what I do in the morning is I’ll sit and I’ll do gratitude for that I do this about a two minute exercise I’ll sit sometimes I’ll do it in bed sometimes I’ll do it behind me in this in this recliner and I will sit and just be grateful for from my beautiful wife for my students for my foundation and then I’ll do gratitude for the things that I want as if I already have them and I know it sounds hokey but I’m sometimes I get emotional being grateful for things I don’t even have yet but they come into my life and so you know you know if it works I’m gonna do it and I know it’s worked for me.

Buck: Yeah and to be clear I’m not being skeptical, I think the idea here is to you know ask some questions about it because I think there’s certainly people who are going to be skeptical and I actually the one thing I will tell you is I think that some people are better at manifesting than others. I’ve been lucky in my life, I’ve been a very very strong manifester been able to make things happen without vision boards etc but I do think that there’s probably a lot of value in people doing some of these things because if nothing else you’ve got guys like Rod.

Rod: How would you rate your ability to focus Buck?

Buck:  12. 

Rod: Yeah we’ll see there you go and that’s the answer right there that’s why you don’t need visuals you have it in your brain you don’t need the visuals to manifest anything because you’re able to hone in that focus you know it’s kind of interesting. The only podcast, I listen to two podcasts, one of them is Tim Ferriss and what Tim does and I mean I get excited because my podcast just about to hit 10 million downloads and just had our 500th episode but and he does that a month you know like 10 million downloads but what he does is he deconstructs world-class performers the best in the world of what they do the best athletes you know the best you know politicians actors and and and he deconstructs their success and I started to hear a pattern Buck and that’s why I asked you the question about focus. Almost all of them meditate which does what it enhances your focus your ability to focus and so you’re gifted with that innate ability to focus and I suspected that but you know for someone like me that’s a little more all over the place I need those pictures to hone in and be able to focus and bring these things into into being so I think that’s an explanation as to why maybe you haven’t needed it.

Buck: Yeah I mean I also think that what I’ve said about these about image imagery and positive gratitude and these things in you know if I had to break it down and say why I think it works and again I it’s always one of those things where I’m like you know what I should put up a vision board and I just never get to it right but what I found is that I have these sort of vision board in my head right I kind of have these guidance in my head I always have this idea well that’ll I’ll do that someday and invariably you know I’ve been lucky in that it happens. And you’re right I mean the other part of that is frankly if you can’t imagine something then you can’t ever get there right I mean the idea is if you if you don’t have an idea in your head about a goal of any kind then you know then you’re basically a 747 flying 500 miles per hour with no destination right and so you’re never going to get the regardless of the energy and bar you have so there’s that but I think the one last thing I think that I think that those boards probably help people with who again maybe again it’s because of my focus I’ve not had to do that myself yet but a lot of people get stuck in what I’ve called sort of a wealth thermostat or well-being thermostat where they kind of stick around at the same level right, they’re in a box they’re in a box and they they may have a good year maybe you’re a hundred thousand dollar person or a two hundred thousand dollar person just I’m talking pure finance now and you may have a year where you end up blowing it up and doing really well but somehow you get back to 200000 and you may hit completely lose everything you’ll get back to 200000. So the question is you know whether that’s financial whether it’s your health or well-being in your level of happiness is there a way to get into that internal thermostat and go from you know again in financial terms take it up to a million or two million or three million or in terms of your psychological well-being is there a way to say in a scale of you know one to ten where I’m really positive and happy all day I’m usually running at about a five is there a way it can get to a seven or eight? And those things I think are very very difficult to deconstruct

Rod: I disagree respectfully with love please please can I respond to what you just said because I let me first happiness okay. Whatever you want you must give if you want happiness smile at everybody you see today give them happiness get send it to them you want love give love you will get love you want money give up your time and give money that’s the way god of the universe works it just that’s just how it works you get it back that’s sorry I couldn’t let that go by without well.

Buck: I’m not saying I disagree with you. I’m saying what you literally just said is you’ve got to do something in order to get there right so all I’m saying is you can’t will yourself necessarily without having some sort of you know whether it’s a vision board or whether some technique whatever it’s very difficult to move out of your your thermostat.

Rod: You have to believe it.

Buck: You have to believe it and what you’re talking about here is you’re doing things you’re showing gratitude you’re actually I mean you’re you know what you just said exactly is my point you just said go and do this and say hello and you know think of all these great things you’re doing something you’re not not doing something so you’re doing something to try to change that thermostat and I think that that’s my whole point is that really whether it’s vision boards or whether it’s gratitude etc I think it’s working at the subconscious level of changing your internal thermostats for wealth, health, happiness etcetera but that’s my take but you know again you think about more of these things.

Rod: No we’re saying we’re saying the same thing buddy, we’re saying the same thing the thing is many people have that income threshold that’s a mental barrier and and you’ve got to be able to raise that threshold. Who was it that did literally weekend boot camps on this I’m trying to think it was T. Harv Eker. I went to one of his boot camps it’s all about raising that financial threshold that mental limit that we place on ourselves we all make what we must make so you’ve got to demand more of yourself if you want more you just have to I’ve got a sign on my wall here I’ll show it to you so I don’t know if you can see it says a million a month I don’t know if you can see that back there it says a million a month I mean that’s that’s my new goal it’s a million a month net and then you know it’s a big one and and I’ve actually got that same sign above my bed on the wall on the ceiling above my bed it says a million a month and I used to say a hundred thousand a month years ago and of course I’ve eclipsed that but you know we’ve I really believe that that and it’s not by the way it’s never about the goals. Let me add something here about goals before I forget it’s really important Buck. So you know I worked for that house on the beach for 20 years I literally took me 20 years and and it was like I said unthinkable I mean it was a magnificent home I mean just to give you an idea on the second floor I had the spiral staircase that went up through the middle on the second floor I had a custom-made aquarium that wrapped around the the staircase the aquarium cost me almost 200 grand so that gives you an idea of the house. Well two months after I moved in two months I worked for this for 20 years two months after I moved in I’m in the pool I’m looking up at this testament to my ego which is truly what it was I built this house to prove the world I was good enough that’s the truth of it, it’s embarrassing to me but I’m looking up at this thing and I got depressed and I don’t mean just a little bummed I mean I really got depressed and I’m like what the hell’s going on I’ve just achieved incredible success. Well what was going on a couple of things that are really important I want to share so I don’t forget. One of them is it’s really never about the goal it’s it happiness comes from progress and growth. If you’re growing and progressing and acknowledging your growth and progress you will be happy the goals are important to drive us and push us and pull us but it’s never about them so that’s one thing. The second thing is I didn’t have a vision for the future. It was like I don’t think you should ever achieve a big goal without having other goals lined up behind it. So that was one thing without a vision that people perish that’s it’s in a good book somewhere so there was that. But the big thing also was I was totally focused on Rod, show the world I’m good enough show the world I’m matter it was all about Rod Rod Rod Rod and so to get out of my depression I went and bought some books and I bought Dale Carnegie of course Zig Ziglar and the the you know the thought leaders back then but I got a Tony Robbins book as well and I’m like I really was enamored with what I read in that so I went and saw him live and I found out he fed families for the holidays like what a concept, do something for someone else. I hadn’t done that I was 40 before I got that memo and so I came back home and I started feeding families and I’m blessed to say that we fed 90 000 children now over the holidays over the last 20 years we’ve done tens of thousands of backpacks filled with school supplies for local kids I’ve done tens of thousands of teddy bears for officers to have in their cars when they encounter a child that’s been traumatized and I was happy but I was unfulfilled and this has made me fulfilled so you know I’m sure that you’re listening to Buck and you might be thinking yeah I’d love to do that someday, I’m going to tell you that when you do it immediately and you should do it immediately in some fashion your success not only will it come faster but so many of us think we want to achieve to be happy I’m going to tell you when you’re giving back like Buck and I do with our podcasts and when you’re giving back you’re happily achieving and I’m embarrassed to say it took me till 40 to realize that but but that’s a real key to success and happiness when you’re talking about happiness so anyway thank you for letting me share that.

Buck Of course of course. So tell us a little bit about your business now and your podcast and how sure people can connect with it.

Rod: Well listen I do these two day boot camps and I did their live stream now. I had 900 at the last one and oh no the one before the last one and I try if you get early bird pricing it’s 97 and I don’t sell anything there. It’s like 16 to 18 hours of training if you’re interested in multi-family if you have any interest in real estate multi-family come spend a couple days with me I promise you’d be glad you did and and I’ve never had a complaint other than the breaks are too short because I’m trying to pack so much in. But I don’t sell anything there and like I said early bird is 96 or super early birds 97 bucks so if you text multi-family to 41411 you’ll get the information on that. But I give tons of free resources at my website videos books articles so if you’re serious about learning this business go to real estate with Rod and it’ll connect you to my rodkhleif.com site. Nobody can spell my name so go to realestatewithrod.com and it’ll connect you there and you have a ton of free resources but again come spend a couple days with me if you have any interest in even if you just want to invest passively as a limited partner come spend a couple days with me because why would you give your hard-earned money to someone if you didn’t have a basic understanding of the business. So again it’s text multi-family to four one four one one and and you’ll be really glad you came that I can assure you and thank you for letting me mention.

Buck: Well Rod I wanna thank you for being on Wealth Formula Podcast and what’s the name of your podcast again?

Rod: Oh yeah oh sorry if you put real estate in your iphone I usually come up first alongside Bigger Pockets but it’s Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing and by the way even if you’re not interested in real estate every week I do a clip I called Own Your Power. It’s a motivational clip it’s five minutes it’s not about real estate it’s about owning your power, it’s a you know it’s to juice you and get you going for the week and people rave about it so I think that’s why the podcast has been so successful so even if you’re not interested in real estate I think you’ll enjoy those five-minute episodes.

Buck: Fantastic. Well Rod again I want to thank you for being on Wealth Formula Podcast today.

Rod: Thanks buddy. Appreciate it.

Buck: We’ll be right back.