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25: Eating Bad Fish in the Desert!

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I’m in Phoenix in a hotel and decide to order room service. Ahi Tuna? Sounds good!

Oops…I’m in the freakin’ desert and I order fish? Seared Ahi Tuna? That does not come from Phoenix!

Well, I took a few bites and it didn’t feel normal. It was stringy and had some stiff parts to it.

I had seared tuna last weekend–2 hours after it got off a fishing boat in Santa Barbara. Didn’t taste the same.

Ok–fine…bad call. Maybe Embassy Suites room service Tuna cooked rare in a desert is not a good idea.

So I started thinking–what do I do? I guess I could have made myself throw up but I couldn’t bare the thought.

Instead, my surgeon brain went to work. Well, if I wanted to clean a wound what would I do? I would poor some alcohol on it.

Aha–I rushed to the bar and immediately ordered a vodka martini to disinfect. We’ll see if it works by tomorrow–but I took action.

I didn’t say, “Oh well, let’s see what happens.”

NO WAY. You see, I’m an action guy. I HATE INERTIA.

Inertia will make you miserable. It will make you sick. INERTIA WILL MAKE YOU DIE BROKE!

You see–your lazy money sitting in the bank the last couple weeks got kicked in the butt. Little Kim from North Korea started testing some nukes and the reverberations were heard around the world.

In fact, the reverberations caused gold to spike up and the dollar to fall down (which is the way it usually works).

Meanwhile, you think your money is safe in the bank? How about the fact that even without the dollar losing value, inflation continues to decay your savings at a MINIMUM of 2 percent per year.

How much interest does that bank pay you again? Oh yeah–less than 1 percent. So, if inflation is 2 percent, and you are making less than one percent, then you are actually losing money by keeping that money in the bank aren’t you?

Does that still feel like the safe thing to do?

Ok–I know you like looking at your bank balance and it feels great to have a few zeros to stare at once in a while. But wouldn’t it make more sense to invest in something and make that lazy money work?

There’s lots of options out there folks. Listen to any one of my podcasts and I’m giving you ideas on where you can deploy your money–much of them safer than holding the dollar.

My call to action to you this week?–ask yourself why you are sitting on the sidelines and not deploying your hard earned capital. Is it rationale?

In the meantime, watch this video to learn about one of my new favorite asset classes: https://www.wealthformula.com/life-settlement-investment/