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022: How Donald Trump pays no taxes and what you can learn from him.

Ask any tax professional about the tax code and they will tell you that it is 90 percent gray. Then why is everyone being so conservative? Well, professionals have a terrible fear of being audited. They have a terrible fear of breaking the law. I get it. No one wants that kind of stress in […]

021: High paid professionals professionals dying broke: how to avoid the retirement deathtrap

When you put aside money for retirement, who’s advice are you taking? Are you taking the advice of the wealth advisor who makes money every time you make a deposit? Why do you trust your wealth advisor? Is he or she wealthy? These are questions that are critical to ask yourself if you want to […]

020: Real Estate Cashflow and Capital Gains with Andrew Holmes

The words “real estate investing” conjure up many different images. For some, it might make you think of Vanilla Ice’s reality show on flipping homes. For others, The idea of real estate makes you think of real estate moguls such as Donald Trump. The reason for these very different images is because real estate is […]

019: Cashflow from Owning Commercial Mortgages!

Let’s talk, for a minute, about how a bank works. You deposit money in the bank. These days, they pay you less than 1 percent interest. Because they are a bank, they are able to lend out most of the money you deposited. This is called the fractional reserve system. It’s complicated and best addressed […]

018: Cashflow from Specialty Coffee in Panama!

Your typical wealth advisor stresses the importance of a diversified portfolio. However, to them, that means investing in a variety of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. I believe in portfolio diversification, but diversification should NOT be limited to different classes of paper assets that react to the emotional whims of normal geopolitical undulations. Diversification should […]

017: Taking Real Estate to the Next Level

Wealth Formula podcast is not a real estate show. However, we do love real estate! Why? Because real estate is real. It’s not a piece of paper and it’s not a digital equity that you trade on Ameritrade that goes up and down with the whims of global emotion. It is an investment that allows […]