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394: Beyond Real Estate: How to Cash Flow with Stocks

My portfolio is not what most would call diversified. I am about 70-80 percent real estate, 10-15 percent permanent life insurance and about 10-15 percent higher risk stuff. My only stock exposure is only high-risk stuff like mining companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange. To be clear, I am not advocating for this approach. That’s […]

The LAST Weekly Wealth Widget :(

For the last year, every week I sent out a “weekly wealth widget” every Friday. Last week, I wrote an article about speculation and asymmetric bets. It was a good article and I was waiting to see your responses on Friday morning. But then…something happened. It didn’t come out! Of course, my immediate response was to curse at […]

005: What is the Wealth Formula?

Back to Basics. What is exactly is the wealth formula again?