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43: Why CRYPTO Does Not Break My Investing Rules

Everyone is on my case about why I’m so excited about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Even my wife is giving me a hard time! “What happened to real assets?” she asks with a smile. Nothing happened to real assets. My investment philosophy has NOT, in fact, changed. You see, I don’t see my cryptocurrency trading as […]

42: How to Invest in Something About Which You Know Nothing

Imagine investing in Budweiser or Coors at the end of Prohibition. For that matter–imagine getting in on anything related to alcohol on the ground floor in 1933. A lot of people made a lot of money–Joseph P. Kennedy for example. Kennedy massively amplified his wealth from commodities trading by acquiring distribution rights for Scotch Whisky […]

41: Armageddon in Paradise

“There are bodies in the street!” That’s what my neighbor told me as I was going on to survey the damage from the mudslides in Montecito, the dream destination where I moved to in August. Montecito is the town just south of Santa Barbara. If you’ve been there, you will agree that it is one […]

40: Cultivating a Different Kind of Wealth

Today is my big brother’s 50th birthday. Holy S#!T! It seems like just yesterday when we used to watch Minnesota North Star hockey games on TV together. But I guess that was over 35 years ago. Watching hockey games was about the only thing he didn’t mind doing with me. After all, who wants to […]

39: New Year’s Angst Anyone?

I don’t know about you, but New Year’s used to be a lot more fun ten or twenty years ago. It was the biggest party of the year, right? Well, maybe Halloween was—depends on the year I guess. The point is that when I was in my twenties I was not cursed with the need […]

38: Bad Resident = Good Entrepreneur

My surgical residency was a surreal experience. I’m not even talking about the fact that I started out drilling holes through people’s skulls as a neurosurgical resident 15 years ago. All the gory stuff gets pretty routine and pretty soon you become immune to it. The part of residency that I really had trouble with […]